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We're a bunch of young musicians on a mission - make people take things seriously when it comes to learning musical instruments.

Gavin Whitner

Music Oomph

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  • Detailed guides on learning & mastering musical instruments
  • Comprehensive buyers' guides on instruments, speakers, and other audio stuff
  • Helpful advice for beginners on picking the best musical instruments, keeping in mind the suitability, usefulness, and price/performance ratio of the top models
  • Unique and thought provoking blog posts about music, and the science and the philosophy behind it
  • In-depth reviews of anything and everything that produces sound, including speakers, home audio, and headphones
  • Elaborate product comparisons

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You see, a lot of people (maybe you?) get fascinated by music and how nice it sounds when it's played by professionals. As a result, they quickly visit their local instruments store and buy something, be it a guitar (the most common), drums, piano, ukulele, harmonica, etc. with the hope of learning it in a jiffy.

As you would expect, it doesn't take long for them to realize that things aren't as easy as they initially seemed to be. This eventually results in the newly purchased instrument gathering dust in a lonely corner of their rooms.

Now, it'd be insufficient to say we love musical instruments. We don't just love musical instruments, we adore them. We live and breathe music.

That means, we feel pained when we see precious instruments being bought in loads only for most of them to be neglected after a while, and even worse, permanently abandoned. This was a common feeling that all five of us shared for a long time, but that was before we launched Music Oomph.

Here on Music Oomph, we write beginner-friendly guides on musical instruments and how beginners can easily learn them without getting bored ever again.

We've already received an amazing response after the launch of Music Oomph, and we only hope to keep the momentum of the site going with even more helpful how-to articles, step-by-step tutorials and buying guides and recommendations on various musical instruments, online lesson platforms for learning guitar, piano, ukulele, bass, vocals, as well as musical gear and accessories like studio headphones and microphones.

We're constantly seeking feedback about our website, and it puts a smile on our faces when someone says they have been able to maintain consistency in learning any musical instrument because of the guidance they got from our site. Even if it's criticism, we'd still like to hear it.

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We have quite a few upcoming things in our pipeline, so stay tuned for a ton more updates here on MusicOomph!

MusicOomph Team