30 Day Singer Review (2022) – Perfect Singing Lessons Platform for You?

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Many people believe that singing is something that comes naturally and is hard to learn, but vocal coaching is a proven method to drastically improve your singing abilities.

Online singing lessons are becoming increasingly popular, and if you’ve looked into the services available there’s a good chance you’ve come across 30 Day Singer, as it is one of the most popular options out there.

One of the reasons 30 Day Singer has quickly risen to the top tier of online vocal coaching is due to the concise, easy to understand nature of their lessons. Each one acts like a piece of a puzzle, building up your confidence and ability over a 30 day period.  

Is the hype justified, though? After reading this detailed 30 Day Singer review, you’ll have all the relevant information to decide if their service is right for you.

If you're short on time and just quickly want to know if I recommend 30 Day Singer, the answer is an overwhelming yes!

The depth, variety and overall quality of the lessons is better than anything else that I've come across.

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30 Day Singer – Overview

30 Day Singer is a recently established vocal coaching platform which has quickly risen in popularity among aspiring singers. It offers a structured program of lessons over a 30 day period, covering the basic fundamentals and gradually becoming more advanced.

Endorsed by and featuring well known teachers, 30 Day Singer takes you on a journey of vocal discovery by teaching proper breathing methods, developing your vocal power and perfecting your phrasing.

  • Covers all genres of singing
  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Accomplished teachers
  • Easy to digest lessons
  • Live one-on-one lessons
  • One on one lessons are not included in the standard membership

If you want to find out whether 30 Day Singer will be beneficial for you, keep reading my detailed 30 Day Singer review.

30 Day Singer Course Types

One of the great things about 30 Day Singer is that the lessons become more advanced as you progress, building your confidence step by step until you are ready for more challenging material.

The lessons offered by 30 Day Singer can be broken down into three categories. The most popular package is the standard course which is aimed at singers who are either at a beginner or intermediate level. This course teaches you the fundamentals then once you feel confident, introduces you to more complex techniques and practices.

If you already feel fairly confident in your singing ability and want to take your skills even further, 30 Day Singer offers a range of advance courses. Some of these are specifically genre-focused, analyzing and teaching you the trademark vocal styles of certain artists, while others are focused on the skills required to sing and play guitar simultaneously.

Beginner Course

The 30 Day Singer beginner course is the standard offering aimed at people with minimal experience. It’s perfect for vocalists who want to learn the fundamentals, and lack previous formal coaching.

In my opinion, one of the main selling points of the beginner course is its ability to focus on the most essential principles of singing in an easy to digest manner.

There’s very little filler included in this course. With concise, practical lessons, you are able to gradually build upon the foundational practices of singing and see noticeable improvements every day for the 30 day period.

The course begins by providing you with a vocal warm up routine which you should use before singing. This is invaluable as it teaches you how to prepare your voice and avoid damaging it in the future.

The next batch of lessons covers the topics of breathing, posture and healthy singing techniques. These fundamentals are extremely important, and many singers, including myself, neglect them when starting out. Mastering your breath and posture are essential for getting the best out of your voice on a regular basis.

The lessons continue to train your physical capabilities before moving onto more technical aspects. You learn about the vocal anatomy of the larynx, how to apply your vocal warm ups to songs, and the ins and outs of vocal cord compression.

I understand why these subjects initially covered in the 30 Day Singer beginner course are often overlooked by those first learning to sing. They may seem obvious, but nailing each basic aspect will build a solid foundation that you can add to as the lessons progress.

Once the fundamentals have been established, you will learn more of the technical skills that take your singing to the next level. This is where the fun really begins, as you start to experiment with your voice and its natural capabilities.

The lessons cover the distinctions between your chest voice, head voice and mix voice. If you’re just starting out this particular lesson will be of great value to you, as learning about different voice types makes you realize you can sing in more styles than you perhaps thought.

You are then taught how to stretch your range to reach those soaring high notes. This lesson goes hand in hand with the lessons on tone and dynamics, and by this stage of the course you should start to see good progress.

The latter stages of the lessons focus on the more technical aspects of singing. Belting, falsetto, vibrato and vocal fry are all taught to you in the simplest way possible, and there are numerous helpful exercises to get you familiar with how each style of singing feels and sounds.

You then get to test all of the knowledge you’ve gained from the previous lessons in the 30 Day Singer beginner course when you get to the song analysis lesson.

Although this is an undeniably fun subject, it’s also extremely valuable as your teachers walk you through the vocal techniques of well known songs so you can identify them.

The penultimate subject is phrasing and style. Most people think that singing comes down to vocal power and natural ability, but this lesson teaches you that the way you pronounce and deliver words is equally as important.

Look at Bob Dylan for example - a master of phrasing and delivery and one of the most iconic singers of all time, despite having a limited vocal range.

The final batch of lessons is perhaps the most important of all the various topics covered in the 30 Day Singer beginner course – performance, confidence and nerves.

As a lead vocalist in two bands, I’m no stranger to the nerves that occur before singing in front of people. This was especially prevalent when I was first starting out as a floppy haired, lanky front man with very little confidence in my ability.

These final lessons give you expert tips on how to be confident even when you may not feel it internally just yet. Being a performer is like any other skill; you have to work at it constantly until it becomes second nature.

That caps off the beginner course offered by 30 Day Singer. I’d definitely recommend it if you have an interest in singing but don’t know how to develop your voice to get the best out of it. It’s also great for learning about music in general and improving your confidence as a performer.

Singing With a Guitar Course

For some musicians, the appeal of being a singer-songwriter might mean that you feel the urge to learn how to accompany your vocals with a guitar.

This is a skill which can be frustrating at first, as it takes patience, coordination and a lack of self judgment to perfect. You may have visions of playing guitar in a band and providing backing vocals in the style of John Frusciante.

The 30 Day Singer singing with a guitar course provides you with step-by-step methods to successfully combine your singing with playing the instrument.

Let me be clear here – these are not technical guitar lessons that you'd get from something like Guitar Tricks. Still primarily focused on vocals, the skills you learn are not guitar based although they do improve your knowledge of music theory and intervals which can translate to any instrument.

The lessons get underway by covering the subject of finding your vocal range. As a guitarist, you’re probably aware that songs can be modulated in key to make them higher or lower.

It’s imperative that you know the limitations and strengths of your vocal range, so that you can choose which key to play a song in without struggling to reach the high or low notes.

You then get into some more theory based learning. The course explores major and minor scales, triads and relative minors. If I’d have learned about these in my early days of singing and playing guitar it would have sped up my progress dramatically!

The 30 Day Singer course for guitar and vocals then takes you through the basic principles of singing and strumming rhythms. This is often the most frustrating point of learning to play guitar and sing, but the teachers give you some really useful tips to make the learning process as enjoyable as possible.

Your theory knowledge continues to expand with the complexity in scales and scale degrees lessons, and then you learn about adding the vocal technique of vibrato into you songs.

At this point in the guitar and vocal course by 30 Day Singer, you’re ready for some heavier material. The topics of arpeggios and swing rhythms encourage you to think outside the rhythmic box when singing and playing guitar. This is where you really learn how to separate the two skills, opening new doors for your performing ability.  

The lessons in the guitar and vocal course conclude by covering tritons, major sevenths and the pentatonic and blues scales. This last section may sound complex if you’re not familiar with music theory, but once you grasp the subjects discussed, it will revolutionize your singing and guitar playing.

It’s worth reiterating that the 30 Day Singer course for vocal and guitars requires you to have some knowledge of the guitar before starting.

If you would like to be able to pick up a guitar at an open mic night and perform for your friends, or you have serious aspirations of starting your own band as an axe-wielding lead singer, I’d highly recommend this course.

Once again the lessons from the 30 Day Singer teachers are easy to comprehend and leave you looking forward to the next installment.

Specialized and Advanced Lessons

With so many so called coaches offering course online today, it’s understandable that you may be skeptical of the quality offered by 30 Day Singer. However, the add-on courses that they offer really set them apart from the competition in a crowded industry.

Once you have completed the beginner program or the vocal and guitar course, you may feel that it’s time to get into the more complex aspects of singing.

This is where the advanced lessons come in. To ensure continuity, 30 Day Singer use the same instructors for the advanced add-ons so you don’t have to spend time familiarizing yourself with the structure and delivery of the lessons.

Each individual advanced course is split into five or six segments which delve into the topics of your choice. These concise lessons can be accessed alongside the beginner programs, so you can always go back and look over certain lessons in order to remind yourself of the fundamentals which precede the advanced teachings.

Let’s take a look at the subjects offered in the 30 Day Singer advanced lessons. To start off, you take an in depth look at vocal performance in general, recapping what you’ve learned in the previous beginner course and developing your performance skills further.

Then there is the unique lessons which teach you to mimic particular singing styles of popular artists, analyzing what makes their voice unique and how you can implement parts of their style into your arsenal.

The advanced course progresses through some more technical aspects of singing, further developing your vibrato, runs and embellishments. These lessons have the potential to substantially improve your control over your voice.

Towards the end of the advanced lessons the teachers give you the secrets to perfect pitch and intonation, two skills which are extremely hard to master but with the correct training and dedication make a huge difference to your overall singing ability.

The final installment leads you in the direction of collaboration. With the introduction to harmonizing and singing with others, you learn how to make your voice fit into a group of singers and the laws of harmony which are also extremely beneficial for your instrument playing too.

Overall these advanced add-ons are a great way to further develop upon the basics that you learned in the 30 Day Singer beginner course.

Pricing & Discounts

30 Day Singer doesn’t cost anything to sign up for, although the free trial only allows you access to lesson previews so you can get a taste for the quality of the material. In order to access the full beginner course you have to sign up for a membership.

30 Day Singer offer membership for a recurring cost of $29.95 per month. If you opt for the annual plan, you can get it at a discounted rate of $129/year. In my opinion, the sheer amount of quality content you gain access to makes this very fair price.

As previously mentioned, you can sign up for a free limited 14-day trial here to find out if they offer the right style of teaching to suit your needs and ability as a singer.

Format & Video Quality

The lessons from the 30 Day Singer courses are provided in high definition videos. These videos are clearly organized into one place on the 30 Day Singer website, and you can access them from any device.

You can revisit any of the videos from the courses at any time during your membership period, so there’s no rush to get through the course.

30 Day Singer is the Real Deal

Unfortunately, many people give up on singing due to their limiting beliefs that it’s a skill we are born with, and there’s not much room for improvement.

Learning to sing alone is a difficult task. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of over analyzing your ability or comparing yourself to established singers. The reality is, everyone has a voice, albeit with different capabilities, but one thing we can all do is learn to use our voice to its maximum potential.

That’s why learning from professional vocal coaches in a pressure-free environment is so important. It instills confidence in singers which otherwise may have quit at the first hurdle.

There’s a reason 30 Day Singer has quickly established itself as one of the leading vocal teaching platforms available today. It builds your skills and mindset from the ground up, encouraging you to learn the basic skills then develop your own unique voice.

30 Day Singer will no doubt help you to develop your ability as a vocalist and an all around musician. For the price, it’s almost unrivaled in its field of online singing tutoring.

With a good blend of easily understandable information, in-depth explanations and the option of getting into some of the more advanced topics surrounding singing, it provides you with the perfect platform to develop your talents.

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