Music isn't just an art form - it's a global language. In fact, it's one that's understood by everyone.

Gavin Whitner, Editor

Behind MusicOomph, there's a group of passionate musician friends. One fine evening, we were jamming together at our jam pad. At that moment, the idea of creating our own music and musical instruments-related website hit our guitarist, Jason.

Shortly after, we got searching online for stuff related to creating a website. We'll admit, at first, it seemed a little too daunting for regular guys like us who lacked a background in tech. After some digging, however, we came to know that WordPress is a pretty beginner-friendly CMS, and watched a lot of WordPress tutorials on YouTube to gain enough knowledge to finally register and then launch our own music website - MusicOomph!

Why MusicOomph?

So, why did we bother creating MusicOomph when there were already 8,721 other similar blogs about music? And more importantly, why should you bother reading MusicOomph instead of any of those blogs?

The quick answer is, our collective expertise.

The long answer is, we started MusicOomph mainly out of our own frustration at the lack of proper guides (especially on musical instruments and accessories) on the internet for the average Joe.

We saw that existing websites seriously lacked content on advanced musical equipment like guitar pedals, studio monitors, studio mics, mixing gear, professional turntables, and so on. Thus, we felt a strong urge to fill this hole in the internet by tapping into our 30 years of collective experience as musicians.

Now that you know why exactly we bothered to create MusicOomph in the first place, now you can easily tell if MusicOomph is a website you'd benefit from. If you're the person who doesn't take music too casually, and is always on the hunt for musical equipment, and guides on playing/using them, MusicOomph is exactly where you should be!

With that being said, we're still a fairly new website, despite getting over 300,000 monthly visitors now. As a result, there may be many things that we've either missed or are simply yet to cover. So, all we can say is that if you like what we're doing here at MusicOomph, stay tuned as we'll keep publishing a ton of more stuff on a consistent basis.

MusicOomph Team