Music isn’t just an art form – it’s a global language. In fact, it’s probably the only one that’s understood by everyone regardless of traditional barriers (geographical, linguistic, and the likes).

Behind MusicOomph, there’s a group of passionate musicians.

Brett Clur

Brett grew up in the east coast of South Africa and has been drumming since he was just 4 years old! Now in his early 20’s, he teaches drumming at several educational institutions and also provides drum lessons to numerous students privately.

Apart from this, Brett still manages to find the time to practice and improve almost everyday, and he documents his findings and progress as a musician over on his YouTube channel. Below is a video from his channel.

Here at Music Oomph, Brett writes the majority of content related to drumming, be it drumming techniques, tips on improving at a few specific areas, or drum gear.

Ross McLeod

Ross is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from the UK. He started playing drums, but later moved to learning the guitar, bass and later piano. He founded the band ‘The Blue Dawns’, with whom he has released several EP’s, music videos and toured extensively. He handles both the vocal and bass duties of the band.

He’s also fascinated by music production is quite experienced with several DAWs and studio recording gear. He can often be seen in ‘one man band’ music videos on YouTube.

Dedrich Schafer

Dedrich enjoys playing the guitar and bass equally, and can often be also seen playing his Yamaha DGX660 digital piano. These days, though, he’s a bit more into recording and audio engineering.

Apart from playing instruments, Dedrich has extensive experience recording in some of the biggest music studios and handling live sound duties at some pretty large venues.

Why Music Oomph?

So, why did we bother creating MusicOomph when there were already 8,721 other similar blogs about music? And more importantly, why should you bother reading MusicOomph instead of any of those blogs?

The quick answer is, our collective expertise.

The long answer is, we started MusicOomph mainly out of our own frustration at the lack of proper guides (especially on musical instruments and gear) on the internet both for someone who’s just getting started and also for the average musician.

We saw that existing websites seriously lacked content on advanced musical equipment like guitar pedals, studio monitors, studio mics, mixing gear, and so on. Thus, we felt a strong urge to fill this hole in the internet by tapping into our years of collective experience as musicians.

Now that you know why exactly we bothered to create MusicOomph in the first place, now you can easily tell if MusicOomph is a website you’d benefit from. If you’re the person who doesn’t take music very casually, and is always on the hunt for guides on instruments and playing them and making them better, Music Oomph is exactly where you should be!