Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit Review – Good E-Drum for Beginners?

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The Alesis Nitro Mesh kit is an electronic kit that is priced in the entry-level range that provides mesh heads on all the drums. This is something very uncommon for inexpensive e-kits.

It’s a great option for beginners since it offers most of what a standard acoustic kit would offer, with the added feature of minimising sound. The mesh heads and all the onboard sounds make this kit a seriously decent product. 

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit - Overview

The kit has 5 mesh head pads, a drum module, hardware and comes with a few drum accessories. The mesh heads can be tuned, allowing the pads to have real acoustic-like response.

The kit also comes with a standard cymbal setup, having a hi-hat, crash and ride cymbal.

The Alesis Nitro drum module has 40 preset kits, 385 sounds and 60 play-along tracks. 

  • Mesh head drum pads
  • Very affordable
  • Great for beginner and intermediate players
  • 40 preset kits
  • Not a lot of rack adjustability
  • Can’t load in own sample sounds

Drum Pads

The mesh heads are the big selling point to this kit. Cheap electronic kits don’t have mesh heads. So, what’s the quality of these heads like as to why they’re part of an inexpensive kit? Well, they’re surprisingly quite good.

They have a wide tuning range and will cater to a few different types of drummers. Seasoned players might feel they’re not up to standard, but they’re perfect for beginners.

The only pad that doesn’t have a mesh head is the bass drum pad, which is made of rubber. It can support a double pedal, meaning drummers who want to play metal will feel right at home. It’s not the most stable pad though, so it will wobble a bit when played by a double pedal.

The cymbal pads are 10” and also made of rubber. They’re exactly what you’d expect from an entry-level kit. They do the job very well though.

The crash cymbal can be choked and the ride cymbal can be played on the bell. The hi-hats can splash. This is everything beginners will need from cymbals.

The difference between these mesh head pads and ones from higher priced kits is that they’re smaller. All the pads are 8”, with the snare drum having two trigger zones and the toms only having one zone.

The pads are all fairly responsive, so they will pick up all the nuances of faster playing. They’re lacking a bit dynamically though, especially in the cymbals.

This is where the kit falls short for advanced players. Cymbal dynamics won’t be a big issue for beginners though.

Drum Module

The Alesis Nitro module has a seriously large amount of content compared to other entry-level drum modules. It has 40 preset kits which is a huge quantity to work with. It has 385 sampled sounds in total that you can customize and create your own kits with.

It has 60 play-along tracks that cover several different styles of music. The play-along feature is a great tool for beginners, since it will help you develop as a musician.

Drum play alongs can be hard to find, so it’s great to have 60 right there at the push of a button. The module also has an aux input, so you can plug your phone in and jam out to your own music.

The module is very user-friendly. Everything is laid out simply and it will only take a few minutes to figure out how to work it.

It has a record feature that allows you to record and listen to your drumming. This is a seriously good practice tool, since it will allow you to pinpoint what to work on in your playing.

The module has a USB output option, allowing you to connect the kit to a computer. You’ll need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for this.

This is a way for intermediate or advanced players to get better sounds from the kit. There are drum kit VST’s like EZdrummer or Superior Drummer that have some really high quality drum kit sounds.

The drum kit sounds on the Nitro module aren’t the most high quality sounds out there, especially on the toms. However, they will suit a beginner just fine. More experienced players may not like them.

You can’t load in samples to the module. That feature isn’t common in entry-level kits and the Nitro Mesh kit is no different.


The kit is mounted on a 4-post aluminum rack. This rack holds the pads tightly together. You can’t raise it high, making it a bit of a struggle for taller players. Young beginners will feel very comfortable at this kit, but an older person who is taller may feel like the kit is too low.

The hi-hat has a foot controller instead of a stand. This is common in lower-priced electronic drum kits. It’s not ideal, since it doesn’t truly reflect what an authentic hi-hat pedal feels like.

However, it’s an aspect of electronic kits that everyone has to get used to. It’s just important for beginners to place the foot controller directly under the hi-hat, so that it comes as close to a real hi-hat stand as possible.

The kit comes with a kick pedal that is made by Alesis. It’s pretty decent and will allow you to give the kick pad a solid thumping.

The whole kit is pretty easy to setup and won’t take very long. The cables can be neatly wrapped around the aluminum rack. The kit is quite light, making it easy to carry around.

If you’re going to play a gig with this kit, it won’t be hassle to just pack it up and put it in your car.

Just note that the kit doesn’t come with a drum throne. You’ll need to purchase one separately. This is the one con of the kit when looking at it from a first time buyer perspective.


It’s important for beginner drummers to get accustomed to the feel of acoustic drum kits. Acoustic kits are mostly what drummers use to perform with when playing solos or in bands.

So, as a beginner, that’s what you need to aim for. It’s not always possible to have an acoustic kit though. Acoustic kits are loud and will potentially bother the people you live around. That’s why electronic kits are so popular.

So, it’s important then that you have an electronic kit that comes as close to an acoustic kit as possible. This is so you don’t develop bad habits in your technique and playing.

The Alesis Nitro is one of the best solutions to this problem. The tunable mesh heads are a game changer. They will help beginners keep that feel of an acoustic set, while providing a quiet option for practicing.

Overall, the Alesis Nitro Mesh kit provides all the basic aspects of an acoustic drum kit. It has responsive drum pads and cymbals, a built-in metronome and play-along tracks to help you become a better musician.

It is undoubtedly one of the best beginner electronic drum kits on the market. 

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