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Music is now more accessible than ever before. No longer do we have to book a sound-proof practice room to learn an instrument or find the perfect guitar tone.

Apartment amps allow you to jam in the comfort of your own bedroom and perfect your skills. These amplifiers have distinctive qualities that make them ideal for discreet practicing or recording.

Best Apartment Amps - Rock in the Comfort of Your Bedroom

The V5 Infinium is kitted out with a combination of a 12AX7 preamp tube and an EL84 power tube. With 5-watts of power, it’s quite astonishing how much power and clarity this amplifier is capable of producing.

With a built-in power attenuator, you can easily find the Infinium’s “sweet spot” without needing to crank the volume. It sounds accurate and crisp at low volume, making it the perfect solution for practicing without disturbing your neighbors.

The all-tube design of this Bugera amp brings out the sweet harmonics of your guitar, with a nice level of natural-sounding compression to keep your dynamics consistent.

The Infinium also has a dedicated reverb effect, which sounds smooth and authentic. Unlike some digital reverbs, it has a natural way of coating your guitar tone and adding a dimension of space to the output.

One concern associated with tube amps is their tendency to wear out after a while, but Bugera has this covered, thanks to their innovative Tube Life technology.

By monitoring the performance of the amp's output tubes, they are kept at the optimum operating load and consequently last much longer than your average tubes.

  • Contains one 12AX7 preamp tube and one EL84 power tube
  • Turbosound speaker
  • Sounds clear even at low volumes
  • Features tonal controls & reverb channel
  • None

The Yamaha THR5 boasts exceptional mobility and versatile tones. A great tool for songwriting, recording, or rehearsing, this amplifier can be powered by a battery, so moving it around your apartment isn't an issue.

Housed within the THR5 are five detailed tube amplifier models, which cover every style and genre of rock music. Alongside the modeled amps are four modulation effects, four reverb and delay-based effects to add color to your tone.

It also facilitates USB connectivity, so you can use hook it up to your DAW of choice, and record directly through the amp. This provides a great way to demo new ideas, and it can all be done in headphones to avoid disturbing anyone.

With a pair of stereo speakers that resemble what you would find on a hi-fi system, the amplifier can sound powerful without making a lot of noise.

  • Portable amplifier
  • Houses 5 amp models
  • 4 reverb/delays and 4 modulation-based effects
  • Can be powered by the battery
  • The low/low-mids lack in power and bite

Known for their expertise in the world of processing and effects pedals, it's no surprise that the compact Katana-Mini by Boss is loaded with tone-sculpting options. This 7-watt combo amp sounds great at lower volumes and has a dedicated headphone output for silent jamming sessions.

The built-in effects on the Katana-Mini include a 3-band EQ for tailoring the frequency output, a delay section for adding a touch of space to your melodies and solos, and gain control for when you need a little extra bite.

The quality of the Boss Katana Mini's sound stems from its multi-stage analog gain circuitry. This allows the amp to produce expressive, large-sounding tones at low, medium, or higher volumes.

This Boss amplifier will fit into most spall spaces in an apartment or home. It can be powered by AA batteries for up to seven hours of continuous use, and at just 3lbs in weight, it's a highly portable option.

  • 3 individual amp voicings
  • 3-band EQ
  • Delay channel
  • Can be powered by a battery
  • Begins to sound harsh when the volume is turned up

The Adio Air GT by Vox has a futuristic appearance that is sure to make you do a double-take. Designed as a practice tool for the modern guitarist, the Air GT has Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily jam along to your favorite tracks.

For such a compact cabinet, the Vox Adio Air GT can produce a lot of substance if required. This is due to its 50 watts of power which drive the 3-inch speakers, which were specially tuned by the manufacturer to enhance the integrity of the sound.

Some of the legendary Vox amplifier tones can be heard subtly within the Air GT. There’s a hint of the brilliant AC30, as well as some overdriven blues tones and more modern tones that are draped in high-gain.

One thing that makes the Air GT perfect for playing at home or in an apartment is its headphone output. This makes it possible to practice in silence, and the option of powering the amp with AA batteries adds to its appeal.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 50 watts of power
  • 3-inch speakers
  • Can be battery powered
  • None

Apartment Amps: Tubes vs Solid State

The dilemma faced by all guitarists when looking for a new amplifier is whether to go for a tube amp or a solid-state. Realistically, both have their benefits and drawbacks, especially when they are used inside an apartment.

Tube Amps

If the amplifier was solely for use on-stage, I'd recommend a tube amp every time. The sound is much more reliable, warm, and authentic, and they provide a natural crunch that's sound is unrivaled.

The issue with using tube amps in an apartment or home setting is that they tend to produce their best tones when the volume and gain are boosted.

Solid State 

Some guitarists love solid-state amplifiers because of the range of amp models and effect options they contain. Due to them not needing to warm up the tubes to produce a high-gain sound, they are well suited to playing at home, as their dynamics can be more easily controlled.


Thanks to modern music technology, we can perfect our craft with an amp, a guitar, and a pair of decent headphones. There's no better way to enjoy an evening than sitting down with our beloved axe and going to work!

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