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In recent years, listening to high quality audio has become an experience not just limited to the comfort of your own home. With the ability to install good speakers in your vehicle, you can now enjoy clear sounding music in your car.

Top 3 - Stereos with Backup Cameras

Quality head units provide you with a hub for all your music, phone controls, and other connectivity enhancements.

In this article, I'll talk about some of the best car stereos combined with the brilliant safety feature of a backup camera.

5 Best Car Stereos Equipped with a Backup Camera

The JVC KW-V25BT is an all-in-one car stereo which allows you to control all of your media using hands free technology. With a built-in CD player, you can still enjoy your old music collection or you can stream music straight from a phone, USB device or MP3 player through wither an auxiliary connection or Bluetooth signal.

The power capability of this JVC car stereo peaks at 50 watts over 4 channels, perfect for blasting out your favorite tunes. It’s an extremely easy to use unit, thanks to the 6 by 2 inch WVGA Clear Resistive Touch Monitor.

Or, if you’re driving, you can safely use the voice control feature to change songs, select a radio station or make phone calls hands-free.

There are 18FM and 6AM radio presets already programmed into the stereo. With an auxiliary input and an impressive 13-band graphic equalizer, you can shape the sound of your favorite songs to suit the speakers installed in your vehicle.

Not only does this car stereo have exceptional audio capabilities, it also comes with a high definition backup camera which is straightforward to install.

Simply plug it into the wiring of the radio and it’s ready to use. The stereo also has 3 sets of dual 5 volt preamp outputs for the purpose of hooking it up to a subwoofer, front, and rear speakers.

For a high quality car stereo from a trusted manufacturer, the JVC KW-V25BT is a great choice at a reasonable price. 

  • Hands free/touch screen
  • 50 watts of output power
  • HD backup camera which is easy to install
  • 13-band graphic EQ
  • Camera angle could be improved

Pioneer’s quality within the sound and electronics industry is unquestionable, and their AVH-210EX 6.8 inch car stereo once again proves their expertise in this field. Compatible with Iphone or Android, you can hook up your mobile device to this stereo and use the built-in Bluetooth connectivity for perform all of its functions hands-free.

The screen included with this stereo is 6.8 inches and has a HD resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. In terms of responsiveness, the screen is made from a clear resistive touch panel and the menu layout is pretty simple and easy to navigate. Add to this the HPF 1.6 hands free profile and you get a highly functional car stereo system.

Included with the Pioneer AVH-210EX stereo are 3 pairs of 2 volt RCA Precuts to be installed at the front, rear, and subwoofer. The audio quality is a crystal clear reproduction of your favorite music which is compatible with any car speaker system and can be wired in fairly easily.

There is the option to have an expert install the stereo if you would rather not try your hand at the electronic process. The backup camera which comes with this stereo set is the Bar Xtremevision model, which produces high quality images when you are reversing your vehicle and displays them on the HD screen of the Pioneer stereo.

Not to mention there is an extensive 13-band graphic EQ included for audio shaping purposes, as well as RCA preamp outputs, the necessary wiring harness, and a Bluetooth microphone for hands free operation.

  • Supports Iphone and Android
  • Hands free Bluetooth microphone included
  • Option of expert installation
  • High quality backup camera system
  • None

Next up, let’s look at the Boss Audio Systems BVB9358RC car stereo and backup camera system. This unit allows you to answer or make calls via Bluetooth without having to worry about being distracted on the road.

With a built-in microphone to pick up your vocal commands, you can also select music through streaming services without having to lift a finger.

If you still like to consume music in the old-school fashion, there is a built in CD player to facilitate this. With USB and SD ports, you can connect an MP3 or other wired audio device and play music through that too. This Boss Audio car stereo is fully compatible with AM/FM radio.

Along with Bluetooth connectivity, a CD player, USB and SD connections, there is also an auxiliary input which gives your further options for clear sound reproduction.

The included rearview camera can be easily connected to the stereo’s screen via the USB port, and a steering wheel interface allows you to use the existing controls on your steering wheel with the BVB9358RC.

To complete this car stereo and backup camera combination, you get 80 watts of maximum power and EQ options to tweak the balance, fader, bass and treble controls to your liking.

  • Built-in microphone for hands free controls
  • 80 watts of audio power
  • Numerous connectivity options
  • Bass, treble, fader and balance controls
  • Screen is small compared to other options

Next on our list of the best car stereos with built-in backup cameras is JVS’s KW-V330BT. With a 6.8 inch CRT (clear resistive touchscreen) panel, this stereo unit has all of the mod cons you need to effortlessly play audio through your car speaker.

Not only is this stereo great for music, it is also useful for phone calls. With the capability to connect two phones at once, you have the option of using a work phone and personal phone simultaneously or using one for entertainment and the other for calls.

The display features a variable color illumination so you can tailor its appearance depending on whether you are driving in the daylight or in the dark, preventing your eyes from being strained.

With connectivity options for all modern mobile devices via Bluetooth, USB and Aux, you’ll have no problem streaming audio from your chosen output. The bundle includes the Double Din touch screen receiver and a high quality rear view camera which is easy to install with the instructions provided.

  • Multiple connectivity options
  • 50 watts x 4 channels
  • High quality backup camera which is easy to install
  • Customizable display
  • Limited number of on screen controls

Finally, we have the Jensen CMN86 car stereo. This stereo is a bit different in appearance when compared to the previous entries on our list, mainly because it has a more simplistic visual design.  

With a 6.8 inch LED high resolution touch screen, the display is clear and concise. If you don’t want added distractions, the CMN86 is a great option as it displays the necessary controls in an easy to navigate fashion.

With iGO Primo navigation built in, you get premium automotive navigation which can be controlled using the Siri or Google Voice Assist Button.

There’s no lack of connectivity options with the Jensen CMN86 stereo and backup camera unit, either. Connect to your preferred device via Bluetooth or USB, and there are 30 preset radio stations for you to choose from.

The front and backup camera has an RCA input and comes equipped with a mic for the rear view camera, so you not only get the visual display when reversing but also some audio too. For a straightforward and functional car stereo with a good quality backup camera system, the Jensen CMN86 will certainly do the job.

  • High resolution touch screen
  • Front and rear view camera
  • Built in navigation system
  • Highly useable
  • Limited controls

Different Types of Backup Cameras to Combine with a Car Stereo

Backup cameras are a highly useful safety feature, but with so many varieities on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to know which particular type is the best to combine with your car stereo.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered before you install your backup camera. These include:

  • Type of image sensor
  • Parking line displays
  • Angle
  • Low light capabilities

The majority of backup cameras use one of two types of image sensors. These are called CMOs or CCD sensors. CCD works by converting light into a visual signal in an analog manner, whereas CMOS uses less power and is digital.

Parking line displays are a useful feature which provide you with guidelines when maneuvering into tight spaces. This is not included in all backup cameras that come with stereos, so if you’re not a confident parker, it’s worth looking out for.

The angle and low light capabilities are two highly important things to consider. Ideally, the backup camera that comes with your car stereo will provide a horizontal viewing angle, and look out for a minimum Lux rating which signifies how visible your camera will be in low light.

Last Thoughts

The options included on our list of the best stereo and backup camera combinations are all of the highest quality, so hopefully you’ve managed to find one which is perfectly compatible with your vehicle.

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