Best DJ Mixers (2022) – Budget & Premium (Digital & Analog)

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A quality mixer, without a doubt, is one of the most important parts of any DJ’s equipment. It allows you to have effects, controls, and faders at your fingertips in an accessible unit, allowing the DJ to really focus on their performance.

Modern mixers can do it all. Not only do they improve the overall sound quality, they also allow you to pre-plan parts of your set and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the night.

Let’s take a look at some of the best DJ mixers that are worth considering.

12 Best DJ Mixers for the Money

The Denon DJ X1850 combines all of the features required for a live DJ set within one mixer. With a myriad of connectivity options and a premium quality 24-bit USB audio interface, this unit is brimming with options.

There are 16 built in effects that come with this mixer. Although this may sound like a lot, it is still highly user friendly thanks to the logic layout of the controls.

You get four sweep effects for when you need some dramatic sounds onstage. The lo/hi-pass filter has a resonance control which allows you to manually adjust the intensity of filter sweeps.

The FX Quantize control feature is quite unique. It gives you the ability to quantize each of your effects so that they blend seamlessly into the music with perfect timing. The Time Division touch strip is also a noteworthy feature, letting you create effect adjustments that are rhythmically based, in a simplistic, intuitive way.

With a detailed built-in EQ system, the SJ X1850 isn’t lacking in sound-manipulation capabilities. In terms of inputs, you get four line-ins, five LAN Ethernet inputs and four digital inputs for hooking up external instruments. With all of these features and tools, this Denon mixer is highly expressive and provides you with all the necessary tools for a complex DJ set.

  • Multi-effect options
  • Expressive EQ unit
  • High quality audio reproduction
  • Quantized effects
  • None

This Pioneer mixer is rich with useful features. Despite its relatively small size, there are many way to get creative using the provided controls on the DJM 900NXS2. This makes it a perfect choice for touring DJs as it will easily pack into a suitcase or backpack.

The channel faders are particularly responsive, giving you complete control over blending songs together. The crossfader is built for maximum accuracy when it comes to scratching techniques.

Overall, the sound quality produced by this mixer is pristine and crystal clear. It has a warm undertone that gives the output an authentic character. This is a result of the high quality 64-bit processor.

Another great feature of the 900NXS2 is the Rekordbox digital software which provides you with the option of digital mixing in combination with apps or send/return functions.

Two headphone outputs are included, making back to back mixing possible. Combine this with gold-layed RCA inputs and you have a highly functional mixer with plenty of sound manipulation capabilities.

  • Smooth sounding EQs
  • High quality ouput
  • Responsive fader
  • Gold plated RCA inputs
  • Small size makes buttons slightly crowded

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 provides you with complete control over your mixes, in a compact, affordable two-channel stand-alone mixer which has two added channels for remixing decks. Included with this mixer is the full version of the much revered Traktor Scratch software.

The Z2 is housed in an extremely durable aircraft-grade aluminum so it will have no problems surviving the bumps and scrapes that inevitably come with Djing. If you prefer to DJ using your laptop, the Z2 is the perfect companion for combining it with digital mixing. It is highly compatible with Itunes integration, making track selection easy.

Native Instruments are well known for their software and VST plugins, so its no surprise that you get the full version of Traktor Scratch Pro 3 included with your purchase. Within this software, you have access to a multitude of audio manipulation controls and mixing tools.

You can also integrate the Z2 with Ableton Link. This opens up many doors when it comes to mixing, pre-planning points of your DJ set or triggering readymade samples in real time.

A powered USB hub is also embedded into the mixer, and the precise high end buttons and faders add the finishing touches to this impressive all-in-one mixing unit.

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum composition
  • Scratch Pro 3 software included
  • Compatible with Ableton
  • LED loop display
  • Only has one crossfader

Next up on our list is the Numark M6. For decades Numark have been at the forefront of DJ equipment production, originally known for their premium quality headphones and turntables. The M6 incorporates all of the best features of their retro mixers into a more modern, well-rounded unit.

This USB mixer is highly compatible with turntables, disc players, tablets or laptops. The crossfader is of a high quality and has two slope selections which allow you to blend effortlessly between sound sources or aggressively switch between them when scratching.

With two microphone inputs, a detailed three-band EQ and a USB connection on each of the four channels, this Numark mixer is about as interactive as they come. The versatility of the M6 is also pretty impressive. You can use it solely for scratching purposes, or as a conventional DJ mixer, or alternatively blend the two disciplines.

The connectivity means that you can easily record your mixes straight onto a laptop of computer to relive a live show. The crossfader is replaceable, and any channel can be assigned to either side of it. Multiple phono, line and mix inputs are also fitted to cover all bases.

  • Four input channels with individual controls
  • Great connectivity
  • Can be used for scratching or playback
  • Three-band built in EQ
  • None

The Reloop Elite Mixer is a top quality DJ mixer and digital vinyl system which has been designed with the help of many of the world’s best known scratch DJs for maximum user friendliness and efficiency.

If you’re a fan of the Serato Pro DJ software, you’re in luck as this mixer is highly compatible with it. The internal audio interface is a DUAL 10 In/Out USB 2.0 with 24-bit clarity.

Serato DJ pro software comes with the Elite Mixer so you can instantly hook it up and start assembling your live shows sound by sound. For scratch DJs, this mixer enables you to take your turntable skills to the next level.

This is thanks to the sheer amount of features and cross-fading capabilities that the unit provides you with. You can queue up multiple tracks and get visual representations of the timings thanks to the multicolored button design.

That is perhaps the most impressive feature of this Reloop mixer – its interactive layout. Designed with live DJ performance in mind, it features 16 RGB pads that are velocity sensitive, giving you maximum control. These pads can control 12 performance modes for each turntable deck, so there’s no shortage of options.

There are also three faders on the mixer which double its resolution with impressive non-contact technology, adding to the precise nature of the mixer’s controls.

Let’s talk effects. There are a handful of useful procession functions on the Reloop Elite mixer, with two independent effect units included. You can choose between filters, crushers, flangers, white noise, and other customizable effects to add into your mixes.

  • Control anywhere up to 12 performance modes per deck
  • Interactive visual control display
  • 16 velocity sensitive pads
  • Flexible effect controls on every channel
  • More suited to scratching than playback DJing

The Xone23C combines premium digital DJing with old school traditional mixing in a compact, easy to use format. The mixer has a high quality 4 channel stereo 24bit internal soundcard and is capable of connecting with all of Xone’s K series controllers.

With an enhanced edition of the highly popular Xone filter, you get access to VCA faders, 3-band accurate EQ with a kill switch, resonance control and a crossfade curve selector. On top of that, there is a number of illuminated switches which make Djing in dimly lit settings much less difficult.

Paying homage to vintage mixers, the 32C has the renowned analogue voltage control filter at its core, known for its ability to offer high and low-pass filters, frequency sweeps and expressive resonance control.

The microphone input and main mix output take balanced XLR’s and there is a separate output dedicated solely to recording. You also get monitoring facilities which include a specific booth output, cue mix control, and peak hold meters which clearly show the signal levels.

  • Crisp, clear audio
  • MIDI connectivity
  • Combines vintage analogue tech with modern controls
  • Less suited to turntable DJing

Numark Scratch is an affordable 2-channel, 24-bit mixer that boasts impressive functionality for its compact size. This mixer is uniquely designed, cased in a durable black metal housing with luminous red controls and pads.

These performance pads are soft and responsive, perfect for cueing, rolls and triggering samples in an instant.

Scratch comes equipped with Setato DJ Pro software so you can link the mixer to a digital source and plan out every point of your DJ set to the finest details. With six software-based FX controls, you can adjust the wet/dry of your chosen effect in real time. 

The sound quality is clear and accurate, due to the 24-bit circuitry that Numark have employed on the Scratch mixer. If you like to incorporate vinyl records into your set, the mixer is well suited to this medium. You also get a full EQ and a responsive low/high pass filter, perfect for transitioning between songs.

Arguably the most impressive thing about the Numark Scratch is the high quality feel of the various controls. Along with the responsive pads, there is an Innofader crossfader which, staying true to the name, has been designed with turntable DJs in mind. The smooth movement of this fader is great for beat matching two songs and blending the mix in gradually.

There’s also no lack of connectivity options with this mixer. Featuring a mail XLR output, unbalanced booth output, line inputs and phono inputs for each channel, there’s really no connection that the Numark Scratch isn’t compatible with. You also get a mic input with a level knob to round off the connections.

  • Free Serato DJ Pro software
  • Responsive pads
  • 24-bit high quality digital sound
  • 6 quick launch effects triggers
  • Can only play from 2 audio sources at one time

Behringer’s reputation in the world of DJ equipment has steadily risen over recent years, and their Digital Pro Mixer is possibly their finest piece of equipment in this field to date.

The Digital Pro is stacked with controls to propel your DJ set to new heights. With 5-channels, it is one of the more detailed models on our list. The 32-bit audio quality is sharp and pristine. There are four multi FX sections where you can add delays, reverbs and filters to your mix.

You also get two built-in BPM counters which simplify the beat matching process greatly. The Digital Ultracurve crossfader is built for maximum usability, and the fully programmable EQ gives you dominion over the finer details of your overall mix.

Despite the remarkable number of controls at your disposal, the Digital Pro Mixer’s layout is intuitive and laid out in a logical manner. You can instantly recall your last mixing session with the push of a button, and the sampler allows you to control pitch in real time. The options are pretty much endless with this Behringer mixer.

  • Parametric 3-band EQ
  • Pristine quality 32-bit audio
  • Sensitive crossfader with flexible curve adjustment
  • Accurate BPM counters make beat matching easy
  • If you prefer simplicity the Pro Mixer may have too many controls

We’ve taken a close look at the Numark Scratch mixer earlier in this post, now it’s time to look at their M2 version. This two-channel mixer is more geared toward turntable DJs.

It has switchable phono/line inputs which can be hooked up to any line source, making it a perfect choice for DJs who play in different setting frequently.

There is also a microphone input with its own dedicated EQ channel, so you can control vocals from the M2. Add to this the headphone output with crossfader cueing, and you have everything you need to perform a basic DJ set with no overly complicated connections or controls.

What I really like about the M2 is that it pays homage to the original scratch DJ mixers that Numark famously manufactured back in the early days of turntable DJing.

If the previously reviewed Behringer mixer was a bit too complex for your liking, the M2 Scratch is a departure from that. It has a concise design and all of the controls are essential with no added filler. Perfect for DJs who just want to plug in and play.

  • Simplistic design
  • Essential controls only
  • Great for turntable DJs
  • EQ and gain on each channel;
  • Limited amount of controls, effects and options

If you like to DJ from your iPhone or Ipad, IK Multimedia’s iRig Mix gives you all of the controls you need to perform a compelling set from your device.

Don’t let the small size of this mixer fool you, it has a comprehensive set of controls and tools just like any other digital mixer.

You get the option of hooking up the mixer to two devices through the independent channels, or alternatively you can connect to a single iOS device.

When connecting to an iOS device, the output is split into a dual mono signal and the relayed backed into the individual channels.

Modern DJs are often required to set up quickly, especially if the opportunity for an impromptu set arises. With the iRig Mixer, you can literally walk onto a stage with nothing but your iPhone, plug in and get to work straight away. You get EQ controls, a crossfader, headphone input, and synchronization controls too.

  • 2 Stereo Inputs with gain and EQ controls
  • LED powered crossfader
  • Instantly plug in and play
  • Includes four free apps
  • Limited in terms of controls and effects

Behringer’s NOX101 is a compact 2-channel mixer perfectly suited to old school battle Djing. If you’re predominatly a turntablist or remixer, this mixing unit is worth taking a look at.

With VCA-controlled cross and channel faders which are reliable and smooth to use, there’s no chance of unwanted noise creeping into the mix.  

The crossfader is replacable and has built in direction reverse and curve control. There’s also a three-band EQ for tweaking the bass, mids and treble of your mix. The EQ has a kill switch included too.

In terms of connectivity, the NOX101 has a microphone input with its own preamp and tone control, two phono/line inputs each with their own gain controls, TRS and RCA outputs for added compatibility, and gold plated connectors to ensure a crystal clear audio output.

Although this mixer may look basic at first glance, in reality it is loaded with all of the controls you need to perform a DJ set, whether you are into scratching, matching or simply playing pre-prepared mixes. The Behringer NOX101 can do it all.

  • Three-band EQs with kill switches
  • Replaceable cross fader
  • Great for battle DJs and scratching
  • Array of useful output/inputs
  • Lacks a built in effects channel

The Rane Seventy is a durable, detailed mixer which features an innovative display. Built from solid steel, it has been made with the touring DJs in mind.

The intuitive layout provides you with all of the necessary tools for your set. With FX buttons styled in the manner of radio controls, it’s easy to access the loop sections and instant double buttons.

With the Seventy mixer you get six independent effects options. These are echo, reverb, brake, flex, flanger, phaser and delay. If you like to create trippy soundscapes and build tension during your DJ set, this mixer has all the tools to make that possible.

Rane has installed a number of connection options on the Seventy. You get two mic inputs each with tone control. On top of that there are dual USB, phono, line and aux inputs too. The three-band EQ has a high/low pass filter on each channel, and the integrated Serato controls allow you to navigate a pre-made playlist with ease.

With sixteen Akai Professional MPC pads, you can assign samples, effects or any other control of your choice to the responsive touch pads which are all unique in color. The loop control allows you to easily repeat a section of a song, and this can all be discretely cued up in your headphones in real time.

  • 16 responsive MPC pads
  • Great connectivity to any audio source
  • Durable steel housing
  • Six built-in effects controls
  • None

Regular DJ Mixers and Scratch Mixers – the Differences

It’s common for modern DJs to combine the style of scratching and playback into their sets, thanks to most mixers having the capacity to do both, to some degree. However, most mixers are specifically designed with either one of these styles in mind. But what’s the difference between a scratch mixer and a regular DJ mixer?

Scratch mixers, in general, are more simplistic in design. For DJs who predominantly use turntables, there’s no need for the multitude of controls and effects options, as the act of scratching is at the forefront of their performance.

Regular mixers on the other hand, are loaded with controls that you can tweak to make a playback performance more interesting. This form of DJing requires more access to effects and ways of building tension through the audio.

Vital DJ Mixer Features & Capabilities

DJ mixers vary in terms of their onboard features, controls, and capabilities. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should be aware of when deciding which mixer best suits your requirements.

Mixer Connectivity

One of the most important aspects of a DJ mixer is the inputs and outputs it facilitates. You’ll probably need outputs to send the signal to speakers, headphones, an audio interface, or any preamps that you intend to use.

You also need to make sure that the mixer has enough inputs to connect all of the devices you use as part of your DJ set. This may include microphones, auxiliary inputs, and digital devices such as laptops or smartphones.

Onboard Effects

Effects are also an integral part of a good-quality DJ mixer. Having the option of adding reverb, delay, or in some cases modulation-based effects to the audio is very useful for capturing the attention of an audience.

Dynamic controls are equally as useful and tone-shaping effects. EQ is featured on most mixers, and this allows you to tailor the frequencies of the audio, reducing or increasing the prominence of particular bands.


Touch-sensitive controls, or “touchpads” as they are commonly called, make it easy to operate the various features of a mixer. These are very useful when it comes to sequencing and cueing tracks.

Many good-quality DJ mixers include luminous touchpads so that they are visible even when you’re playing in a dimly lit setting.

Crossfader Quality

The quality and smoothness of the crossfader make a huge difference to the overall performance of a DJ mixer. The crossfader is used to switch between two channels, either when beatmatching or fading into the next track in your set.

Ideally, the crossfader should be robust enough to prevent it from being accidentally moved while you are DJing. It’s advisable to take some time to get used to the way the crossfader feels, and how hard it must be pushed to move it across to the alternative position.


Now that you’ve checked out the best mixers available for DJs, you can make your decision based on the requirements of your performance. Hopefully the mixer you choose will help create many happy memories for the people you spin the decks for in the future.

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