5 Best Drum Racks – Affordable Rack Systems for Your Kit

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Drum rack or stands? A great debate of the drumming generation. It’s a choice that you have to make as a drum kit owner.

Drum racks add a sense of serious stability to your setup. They also add comfort as they lock everything into place and have memory locks that will let you put everything in the exact same place when you move your kit around.

Drum racks are seriously helpful. So, I have put together a list of some really great ones.

5 Best Drum Rack Systems for Your Setup

The 9000 series is DW’s flagship hardware line. This means that this rack is the one of the highest quality hardware products that DW has to offer.

It has heavy-gauge stainless steel tubing and heavy-duty clamps to lock drums into place. The tubes are thick and strong and the clamp system makes it easy to adjust your toms into any position.

The memory locks are the stand out feature in this rack. Something about them just oozes quality, making the set up and pack up an easy process.

This rack comes with two cymbal arms, a feature that most racks don’t come with. These cymbal stands are a bit high though, so you’ll probably have to sit quite high to make them feel comfortable.

  • High quality memory locks
  • Comes with cymbal stands
  • High quality DW 9000 hardware
  • Cymbal stands are a bit high

The Gibraltar GCS-450C is an extremely flexible and sturdy 4-post rack. The 4 posts give it a large footprint, allowing it to hold many stands and drums.

This rack works very well for a double bass drum setup. Two bass drums will fit comfortable underneath while the rack holds up the toms and cymbals. This makes it a great option for a large kit. Metal drummers will feel secure and at home!

The biggest downside is having to purchase additional parts to make the height of the bars independently adjustable. While this isn’t too much of an issue, it can be a bit annoying.

If you have a huge drum kit, this rack is a perfect fit. It’s fairly priced as well, especially for a rack that has 4 posts.

  • Solid mid-level rack
  • Has 4 posts
  • Good for two bass drums
  • Bar heights aren’t independently adjustable

I’m a huge Pearl hardware fan. The most heavy-duty and secure hardware I’ve played on have been Pearl products. So, it goes without saying that the Pearl Icon 3-sided drum rack is one of my favorite racks.

It’s a curved rack, giving your drums a natural flow around you. It has 3 sides, allowing for an expansive setup.

The slip-proof lightweight aluminum rails make it fairly easy to transport around, yet keep it secure to the ground when set up. It has non-skid rubber feet that give your kit a firm foundation.

I’ve seen more Pearl drum kits with racks than any other drum kit, meaning this rack is loved by many players. It’s quite expensive, so it will be a big investment to get one.

  • Curved rails are aesthetic on a stage
  • Light to transport, yet very secure when set up
  • Expensive

The Gibraltar Road Series is an entry-level curved front rack that has a chrome finish with black accents. It can mount two toms and have crash cymbals set up on either side.

The 30” legs are tall enough for all kinds of bass drum sizes. However, this rack isn’t ideal for a double bass drum setup, meaning it may not be the best option for a large heavy metal drum kit.

This rack can be paired with Gibraltar’s GRS125C side extension to give more rack space. This is a cool feature, since you can get this rack initially and decide if a drum rack is something you like, then expand on it once you’re ready.

The Road Series Curved Front Rack is fairly inexpensive as well, making it a great budget option.

  • Inexpensive
  • Surprisingly sturdy
  • Not great for two bass drums

The Gibraltar Chrome Series adjustable rack is a seriously versatile rack option. It can be used as a front rack or a side rack, giving you many different setup choices. The height is adjustable, so it will fit for you no matter how high or low you like to sit.

The 46” curved crossbar will securely hold cymbals, drums and percussion. The chrome finish looks seriously clean and will add to your stage aesthetic.

It has oversized feet that keep it from sliding, giving this rack a secure base to work from. Moreover, it comes with 2 cymbal stands which is something that a lot of racks don’t include.

This is one of my favorite racks due to its sheer versatality. You could raise or lower its height to fit any kind of unique setup that you can think of. It looks good and is pretty affordable considering what it offers.

  • Comes with 2 cymbal stands
  • Height is adjustable
  • The clamps tend to loosen a bit


I’ve mostly seen drum racks being used by touring drummers. Big name guys who play for big name artists. They have their drums setup for them by a crew at every gig, with the drum rack easing that whole process.

I’ve also seen most metal drummers use drum racks. The large amount of drums and the force in which they’re hit make drum racks almost necessary.

However, anyone can get a drum rack. If you have a drum kit that doesn’t leave your house, a drum rack would be a good option to keep it secure in its place.
If you play gigs in pubs and clubs frequently, a drum rack wouldn’t be a great thing to use, since you’ll always be limited for space.

A drum rack can be a game changer, so think hard about getting one and having a seriously stable and comfortable drum setup.

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