30 Gifts for Drummers in 2022 – Cool Presents (Curated List)

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If you know anything about playing music, you should know that drummers don’t have it easy. They are the most physically tested musicians in bands and the amount of money that goes into configuring drum kits and maintaining them can be mind-blowing at times.

Gifts for Drummers - 30 Awesome Ideas!

Drummers don’t always get enough attention or appreciation from fans. But as a friend, you can change that. Check out the following hand-picked gift ideas for drummers.

Drummers don’t have the luxury of practicing anytime, anywhere. If you know a fellow musician that’s struggling to develop his skills, a practice pad is a great gift idea.

The Evans Realfeel 12” pad has two sides. One side offers a more realistic playing surface with good feedback while the other one is intended for quiet practice sessions. Practice pads are used by drummers of all skill levels.

The 12” pad is big enough to fit on a regular snare basket, which makes it even easier to simulate live playing conditions.

The SE215-CL can block up to 37dB of ambient noise. The low profile makes them super comfortable and the enhanced bass definition gives them amazing audio quality for the money.

Do you know a drummer that’s complaining about rehearsal or on-stage noise? – These in-ear monitors might be the solution and a very thoughtful gift. They also feature an over-ear design which keeps the hands free and the cables tangle-free during live gigs.

The earphones also come with a carry case which should come in handy for traveling musicians.

Clean shiny cymbals not only look better but they also sound better. Know a drummer that uses Zildjian professional cymbals? – Then you might want to consider the Brilliant Finish Cymbal Polish as a gift the next time you visit.

Be careful, however, about who you buy it for. This polish is not good for plated cymbals as it may ruin the finish. If you’re buying it for a beginner, ask ahead about their kit to make sure you won’t be doing more harm than good.

In terms of value, the 8oz bottle lasts a long time. Only one quick application is needed per cymbal to maintain that stage-ready shine.

Combining comfort and maximum utility, the Gibraltar 9608MB drum throne can be a great gift for someone’s rehearsal studio. The drum throne is large and features a bike seat-style design.

The thick padding makes it feel comfy and also extra stable, which is great when practicing for hours. The chair is adjustable between 20 to 28 inches and features a memory lock system.

What makes it even better is the addition of a backrest. It carries a heftier price tag but it also offers an enhanced drumming experience, especially for someone that does this for a living.

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro makes for a memorable gift. The new model in particular features loads of overhauled features, starting with improved comfort through to enhanced definition across all frequency ranges.

The closed-back design should be particularly helpful to drummers, as it helps to tune out background noise when jamming alongside tracks. And, since vocals can still bleed into the mix, it makes it easy to communicate with bandmates without fidgeting with the headphones all the time.

If you know someone that’s still struggling with basic earphones, getting them the HD 280 Pro would surely brighten their mood.

All drummers need a drum stick bag that they can trust, which is why these make for excellent gifts. The MSB-1 is one of Meinl’s most popular models. It’s all black, spacious (18.5”x19”), and features multiple compartments.

The design includes a shoulder strap and a carrying hand grip. The floor tom hooks are extendable, which allows the user to set the angle of the bag. This makes removing sticks a lot faster during performances.

The heavy-duty nylon bag is also travel-ready because it can be fully closed with a zipper.

These heavy-duty earplugs are made to reduce the level of noise for live musicians and motorcycle enthusiasts. Protecting the eardrums from long-term damage simply isn’t possible without making earplugs part of the uniform.

If you know a drummer of any level, these earplugs can be the perfect gift. They help protect young drummers from hearing loss and older time-tested drummers from going completely deaf at one point or another.

They’re comfortable to wear and don’t muffle music or vocals as much as similar products.

Is your drummer complaining about the quality of his drum kit? Is the kick drum annoying everyone during rehearsals? Short of buying a new drum set, there’s not a lot you can do. Unless you consider the Evans EQ Pad.

What makes this a great gift is its compatibility with most 22”x18” kick drums and kick drum pillow dampers. Alone, this won’t do much but when combined with the usual pillow, the clarity of the kick punch becomes amazing even with less impressive drum sets.

And it’s also a small price to pay to make a friend happy or to remove the annoying kick drum resonance during rehearsals.

If you know a drummer that’s thinking of switching from the traditional genres to more aggressive styles of play, then a double bass pedal is a logical gift.

The DWCP3002 is nice as an entry and intermediate-level pedal. It features dual-chain turbo action and the DWSM101 2-way beater. The base is very solid and stable, which allows for some inconsistency in technique.

Just keep in mind that this model is designed for right-handed drum kit configurations. If your buddy is a lefty, there are other gifts that may prove more useful.

The collaboration between Vic Firth and Steve Gadd gave birth to an amazing wire brush, the SGWB. The goal of this accessory is to prevent any snagging from poor angle alignment. This wire brush has the wires angled on the top 3/4" section of the playing end.

This prevents newly coated standard-size drum heads from snagging wires no matter what speed you play at. They also have a smoother feel and a unique swishing sound quality.

Ask your friend how happy he is with standard wire brushes and you’ll understand why this would be a nice surprise present.

This kit features five cardioid dynamic microphones, cables, and all accessories needed to fully mic a 5-piece drum kit. They’re entry-level for basic recording purposes but they perform really well in closed venues.

If you have a drummer friend that’s just starting his live career, a microphone kit is a must-have in his arsenal. This Shure kit won’t set you back too much if you consider the level of quality it offers.

Drummers set the tone in any band. Therefore, if the drummer strays off-tempo, the other members would be forced to follow in the drummer’s steps. But keeping the correct tempo isn’t always easy, especially during live performances where everyone has a tendency to play faster.

If you know a drummer that’s struggling to maintain his desired pace, you could consider a wearable metronome as a gift. It looks cool but it’s also thoughtful and highly useful.

The visual beat counting is one thing but vibration counting makes it a lot easier to immerse yourself in the music while also keeping track of the tempo. This model is especially good for drummers because it vibrates harder than similar gadgets on the market.

Unlike guitars, keyboards and stuff, drum kits require a lot of tinkering and multiple tools to set up. If you know a serious drummer, you’ve probably seen him carry around a set of drum tools at every gig.

But keeping track of all the tools and carrying around so much extra weight is not pleasant, even if it’s necessary. If you want to make your friend’s life easier, consider gifting him a drum multi-tool such as the GTDMT1.

It’s made from a durable steel alloy, it has a sleek finish, and it includes the following: hex wrenches, 5mm slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, and a drum key. You may call this the Swiss Army knife for drummers.

Drummers carry a lot of the heavy load, not just during songs, but also on the way to the concert venue. Having a comfortable carry bag is important as well as having great padding to prevent damaging any of the hardware.

Gator Cases makes carry bags in various sizes and affordable prices. The 13”x50” model is particularly interesting, as it comes with a removable shoulder strap and 1mm thick padding. It also features reinforced handles that help maintain balance when carrying heavy equipment.

Did you say you didn’t know what to get a drummer that usually buys his own stuff? – A quality hardware carry bag always shows a lot of thought.

A good pair of leather gloves can help a drummer maintain a correct tempo throughout the set and eliminate any slippage issues. Vic Firth makes great gloves at affordable prices. If you’re looking to hit it out of the park with a gift, gloves never fail.

These are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The premium cabretta leather palms offer a reliable grip and the synthetic mesh back prevents the hands from overheating. The Velcro closure is pretty standard but reliable nonetheless.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would a drummer want an instrument typically used as a drum kit replacement in acoustic performances? – A cajon drum is a lot more than that.

This makes an excellent gift for someone who wants to try out acoustic performances or South American music. It also allows drummers to exercise various beats without having to rely on access to a complete drum kit.

Note that this Meinl cajon produces a powerful, bassy tone at the cost of portability. Its substantial presence makes it hard to carry around, but there's nothing like it if your drummer friend would practice and play with it at home most of the time.

If you’re shopping for a drummer and you’re on a tight budget, there are still plenty of things you can buy. An Evans torque key is just one of many examples.

Torque keys are necessary for tuning and keeping the tuning of a drum set during practice or live gigs. The magnetic head prevents slipping in most drum kits. And the 1/4" socket key fits most drum tuning rods, which makes it a universally good choice.

The better the drum kit, the better the compatibility too.

Don’t think of the RW200 as a gift that says “you suck”. Think of it as an incentive to help your drummer friend reach the level of skill and professionalism he wants. The metronome is a crucial instrument that should be in the arsenal of any musician, amateur or professional.

The RW200 has a backlit display and nine different beat divisions which come with individual volume controls. It’s the perfect practice companion for playing on practice, electronic, and professional drum sets.

The price is also good for this thoughtful and highly useful gift.

Isolation headphones are sometimes a drummer’s best friend (apart from the metronome of course). If you’re in doubt about what to get a drummer that can offer plenty of use and show thoughtfulness on your part, you can’t go wrong with isolation headphones.

The SIH2 by Vic Firth comes at a great price point. The headphones feature both 1/4” and 1/8” plugs and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20Khz. They can shave off up to 25 decibels from the outside noise, allowing the drummer to focus on accents and the metronome.

They allow most of the vocals to go through so communication shouldn’t be an issue.

I know it’s a mouthful to say. But BFSD makes one of the coolest sounding 14” snare drums on the market. The original version is inspired by the vintage 70s sound and sold at a bargain price.

If you know a laid-back drummer with an upcoming birthday, this may just be the best gift you can get. This 14” snare skin features quality craftsmanship and a truly unique beefy yet low-pitch sound.

It’s also easy to apply and remove so it can be a great gift for beginners too.

This is a very specialized drum kit accessory that may just be the perfect gift for some drummers. The Sizzler consists of metal beads that create a sizzle-style sound, typically associated with jazz music.

Its purpose is to transform regular cymbals into drilled cymbals without the need for any actual drilling. It’s a cheap item at first glance but its value to a drummer is a lot higher.

The S22 Sizzler is designed for cymbals of up to 22”. It’s user-friendly when it comes to installation and use.

Drummers have used all sorts of tricks to weigh down the bass drum, bolt it to the ground, or even practice kicking softer in order to stop it from moving. But nothing keeps a bass drum in place like a quality drum rug.

You can gift a drum rug to any drummer and they’ll thank you for it. They’re great for practice, rehearsals, and playing in small venues that don’t have a professional stage.

The MDR-BK is a black rug with excellent grip. Its dimensions are 6.5 by 5.25 feet, which is enough for any drum kit. It also comes with a carry bag which makes it even easier to take on the road.

Whether you gift someone a 1-pack, 2-pack, or 4-pack, resonance pads are always highly-appreciated accessories. The Moongel resonance pads come with self-adhesive gel that sticks easily to any drum kit component.

You can even stick these on cymbals, not that it’s needed most of the time. They’re also easy to reposition so there’s some room for error. What might make them even better is the fact that they leave almost no trace behind if removed.

Drum mutes are designed to offer amazing volume reduction. It allows drummers to practice quietly on traditional drum kits without having to invest in practice pads or electronic drum kits.

If you’re looking to get a budget-friendly gift for a drummer in dire need of more practice time, this is a solid option. Evans designed these pads for most standard kits, which means they should fit 14” snares, and 12” through 16” toms like a charm.

Ever wondered what’s the equivalent of a keyboard for drummers? – This 7-pad electronic tabletop drum kit is a perfect example, and is also one of the best gifts for drummers. It’s equipped with velocity-sensitive drum pads, pedals, and over 200 percussion tones.

It’s not exactly a high-end substitute for the real thing but it’s a good and complex practice pad for young drummers. It comes with self-recording software, metronome, as well as quite a few popular songs to jam along with.

And, if you know a drummer that moonlights as a bongo or cajon player, the hand percussion feature is going to make them even happier.

Bookshelf speakers can sound a lot better than you think. The Edifier R12280DB speakers are Bluetooth-enabled and can be used as studio monitors.

The soundstage is natural and the frequencies are somewhat balanced. But there are more details in the high frequencies, which makes these great for drummers that want to mix their own stuff.

The speakers also feature optical and coaxial inputs for when the owner would rather go wired. The speakers are also quite affordable for what they’re capable of, so they can be a good birthday or Christmas present.

This backpack is designed to fit a 16” MacBook Pro comfortably. That means it has plenty of room for all the electronic accessories that a drummer needs and quite a few tools too.

Why a backpack and not a carry case or carry bag? – It’s all about comfort. It’s easier to carry stuff around when you have proper back support. And it also frees up the hands for carrying other hardware.

If you know a drummer that’s on the road a lot and has a massive set to maintain, this backpack makes a good gift. It can hold tools, maintenance products, and even a practice pad.

Do you know a drummer that’s about to hit the road with a standard drum kit? If he’s not fully prepared for the trip, a drum bag set would be a great deal of help.

These bags are enough for a 5-piece set. They can fit a 22” kick drum, 12”, 13”, 16” toms, and a 14” snare. It doesn’t have a carry bag for pedals or other hardware but that’s a lot easier to improvise.

No matter how skilled a drummer is, no one gets by during an intense concert with just a pair of sticks. Some of them chip, some might slip away, and others are signed and thrown to the audience in between songs.

If you know someone that plays on the road a lot, a drum stick holder is one of the most thoughtful drummer gifts you can buy. This one holds up to eight pairs of sticks, depending on their thickness. It’s designed with an extension arm that allows the holder to be angled downwards.

This makes retrieving sticks very fast and clean, which is what’s important during a performance.

Know anyone playing in an alternative or new age band? Do you know any kids that would like to play drums but find them too boring to stay engaged?

A pair of LED drum sticks might be helpful in both situations. The Rockstix 2 Pro drum sticks can create amazing light shows. They light up on each beat and they’re super durable as they’re made of a strong polycarbonate resin.

If you want to gift a flashy gift without breaking the bank, this is one way to do it.

Rules for Getting Gifts

Getting gifts for someone isn’t always the easiest thing, especially if you’re unsure of what your drummer friend may like or not. There are a few rules to follow that will hopefully narrow down your options.

These rules will help you get a gift that will be truly meaningful as well as useful for any drummer who uses it.

Repeated Use

The best gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. Any gift that your drummer friend will continually use will be highly valuable to them. This means you should get a gift that is very practical. Find out what your drummer friend is missing in their drum setup, or if they need new earphones, etc.

Every gift that’s been mentioned on the above list can be used repeatedly. Looking through those will narrow down your search.

High Quality

Most drummers learn the difference between high-quality and low-quality products fairly quickly. The most thoughtful thing to do would be to get them a high-quality product. They’d most likely use it often then.

This doesn’t mean you have to get something expensive. Certain types of drum-related products cost less than others, so those high-quality ones won’t cost an arm or a leg. A good example of this is a stick bag holder.

The On-Stage DA100 is very affordable and it’s a lot sturdier than many other stick holders out there. You don’t get highly expensive stick holders, so getting the highest-quality one you can find will make for a great gift.

Every drummer would benefit from having a place to hold their sticks, meaning it would also be repeatedly used.

Long-Term Benefit

The final thing to look for in a gift is whether it will have long-term benefits. This comes back to gifts that keep on giving. Will your drummer friend still be using the gift in years to come? If so, then it’s a great gift to give them!

Let’s look at something like a drum key. Every drummer needs a drum key to be able to tune their drums, meaning your drummer friend will be using it for as long as he has a drum kit. The long-term benefit is amazing because a drummer will use it for years or even decades.

Drum keys often go missing. Every drummer has been through many keys in their life. This also shows you that a drum key would be an excellent gift. If you get a high-quality one, it will have repeated use with many long-term benefits.

Getting the Right Gift Is Easier than You Think

Not all gifts for drummers have to cost a fortune. But that doesn’t mean that showing up with a gift that shows you’ve put in some serious thought is overrated by any means.

Each option on this list is going to make any drummer happy. Shopping smart instead of by the numbers might just make your next gift more impactful.

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