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Storing a guitar is one of the most important aspects of keeping it in great condition and protecting it from wear and tear. Wall hangers are the perfect solution, as they provide support to the guitar and improve the appearance of your room.

These affordable accessories are one of the best investments you can make to improve the longevity of your beloved axe. In this article, I will present the best wall hangers so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

The Best Wall Hangers for Guitars

First up on our list is the CC01K hanger by String Swing. This accessory is an affordable and efficient solution to the problem of storing a guitar or bass. Suitable for all sizes of acoustics or electrics, the CC01K fully supports the instrument’s weight.

This wall hanger provides adequate clearance from the surface so that the body of the instrument has enough space. The cradle-hold design ensures that it can secure guitars with uneven or single-sided headstocks with no issues.

The materials used to construct the String Swing CC01K give it an understated and elegant appearance. Natural hardwoods were employed to make sure this hanger adds a classy and musical feel to your room.

The pivoting yoke design of the grip holder provides further support for the instrument’s neck and helps to spread the weight out evenly, therefore reducing damage over time.

  • 2 ½ inch screw hole spacing
  • Looks elegant and understated
  • Suitable for a variety of instruments
  • Black walnut hardwood block
  • None

The versatile GSP38WB Plus by renowned guitar accessory manufacturer Hercules is the perfect home for your guitar, bass, or uke. With the unique Auto Grip System devised by Hercules, this wall hanger will safely support instruments of all weights.

To ensure that minimal pressure is applied to the neck and headstock of your guitar, the hanger cradles the instrument and spreads the weight out in the most efficient manner possible.

For the mounting base, Hercules has used a smooth wooden block which will slot nicely onto most walls without clashing with the existing aesthetics of the room. The holder itself is coated in specifically formulated foam to preserve the finish of a guitar. 

Impressively, the GSP38WB Plus is capable of holding a maximum weight of 15.4 lbs. With a stable locking mechanism, there’s no danger of your guitar or other string instrument slipping out of the hanger.

  • An extremely stable locking mechanism
  • Max load capacity 15.4 lbs
  • The holder is coated with a specially designed foam layer for added protection
  • Smooth wooden mounting base
  • In rare cases, some guitar’s color may leak onto the foam and can be transferred onto another guitar

The WH-0101 by D&A Guitar Gear is an interestingly designed wall hanger that is focused on safely and securely storing your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar. 

Built from a chrome steel alloy with built-in bracing, this hanger can handle up to 50 lbs of weight with no issues. The inner layer of the grip is molded with thermal plastic elastomer, a cushioned material that won’t harm the neck of your instrument.

With soft nodules that form a miniature tooth-like grip, D&A have utilized their very own Grip Friction System to hold a guitar in place whilst absorbing the pressure in the most efficient way possible.

Designed to hold your instrument at the optimal distance from a wall, the WH-0101 is suitable for guitars with all body variations and minimizes the risk of the instrument bumping against a surface.

  • Made from chromed steel alloy for extra strength
  • Suspends guitars up to 50lb in weight
  • Tooth-like nodules prevent slipping
  • Soft inner layer cushions the neck and headstock of the instrument
  • Metal finish may not blend into a room as seamlessly as a wood-block hanger

With its understated design and robust construction, the GS8730BK wall hanger by On-Stage Stands is the perfect storage option for guitars of all shapes and sizes.

The yoke is cushioned by a layer of EVA, so your guitar or bass is softly cradled at the headstock. This material was chosen because there’s no chance of it staining nitro finished guitars.

Equally well suited to the home or a recording studio, this guitar hanger comes with a mounting kit so you can choose to either mount it to a drywall surface or a wall stud, with the latter being recommended by On-Stage Stands.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a wall hanger is that it encourages you to pick up your guitar more often, thus improving your playing ability over time.

The weigh-activated lock mechanism ensures that your instrument is securely stored, and the low-profile appearance means this hanger will blend into most rooms without drawing too much attention to itself.

  • Suitable for guitar and bass
  • Understated, elegant appearance
  • Includes mounting kit for drywall or wall studs
  • Padded with EVA for ultimate support
  • None

Next up we have a slightly more expensive option, but the increased price tag is justified. If you’re an acoustic guitarist you’re probably familiar with Martin and their range of exquisite instruments.

The 18AMHWO is their premium guitar wall hanger, expertly designed to preserve your instrument and support its weight without causing any damage. The woodblock base is made for solid oak, a beautiful material that will add a touch of class to any room.

The yoke is padded to absorb the pressure caused by the weight of a guitar. This soft inner-layer cushions the neck and headstock, so that minimal movement occurs.

As you'd expect with a Martin product, this wall hanger comes equipped with mounting hardware and clear installation instructions. It's a sturdy, stylish, and adjustable storage option for your guitar.

  • Comes with instructions and all necessary mounting hardware
  • Constructed from solid oak
  • Cushioned yoke supports the headstock
  • Very easy to mount to a wall
  • None

Built to accommodate acoustics, electrics, and bass guitars, GFW-GTR holder allows you to display your axe with pride.

The yoke is rubberized and fitted with a swivel mechanism so that the weight of your instrument is evenly distributed without causing unnecessary tension to the neck or body.

The foam wall padding prevents your guitar from being scratched or scraped by the wall. Not only does this Gator Frameworks hanger provide adequate support, but it also looks the part with a stylish and minimalistic appearance.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the inclusion of mounting screws and a set of drywall anchors. The wall plate successfully hides the mounting hardware so that the hanger blends into your chosen room without any blemishes.

  • Swivel yoke with a rubberized layer cushions your instrument
  • Standoff ensures that your guitar isn’t too close to a wall
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Foam wall padding protects your instrument from scratches
  • Only holds a maximum weight of 15lbs

Things to Consider When Mounting Your Guitar Wall Hanger

Once you’ve decided on the wall hanger that suits the aesthetics of your instrument and will blend nicely into your room, the most important thing is to make sure you mount the hanger correctly to maximize its effectiveness and minimize any potential stress it could put on your instrument.

Most of the guitar wall hangers on this list come equipped with all of the necessary mounting hardware.

Some offer hardware for mounting to drywall, others also include the hardware for mounting to wall studs. It's important to decide which of these methods best suits your room before fixing the hanger to a wall.

Wall Studs

If possible, the preferred method of installing a guitar hanger into a wall is through the use of wall studs. By drilling directly into the stud, you provide extra support and reinforcement. This is especially important for heavier instruments, like solid-body bass guitars or larger models of acoustic guitars.

Drywall Anchors

If it’s not possible for you to install your wall hanger using wall studs, you should use a drywall anchor. This is a mechanism that provides an extra layer of support between the hanger and the wall, to avoid the weight of the instrument potentially damaging the surface.

The chances of a guitar causing noticeable damage to a wall are pretty minimal, but it’s important that the hanger is installed in a safe place and is horizontally straight, to cause less stress to the instrument.


After checking out this list of the best guitar wall hangers in terms of stability, aesthetics, and safety, you'll hopefully have all the information needed to make an informed decision. It all comes down to personal preferences, and the aspects of the instrument you intend to hang.

I'd recommend mounting your wall hanger in a place that you often look at so that the temptation to play your guitar more results in more practice time!

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