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So you're looking to develop into a better singer. Maybe you even want to become a pro. Well, as talented as you may be, your voice is still something that you need to train and develop. That means that without some knowledge or a teacher, chances are you won't get too far.

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The good news is that you won't have to search far and wide to find great lessons that you can follow on your own. Check out my top picks of the best online singing lessons that can help you understand styles, practice your pitch, improvise, and do so much more.

If you're looking to get started right away, I recommend 30 Day Singer.

Currently, I think it's the best option out there for beginners and intermediate singers. They offer a 14 days free trial. Click here if you want to check it out.

6 Best Online Singing Lesson Platforms

Here are my reviews of the best online vocal lesson platforms.

1. 30 Day Singer - $19.99/mo

Can you become a singer in 30 days? Not a professional one. But you can be on your way to drastic improvement by following the 30 Day Singer course. That's one of the shortest courses you can take online and one of the most comprehensive for beginners and even intermediate vocalists.

Who exactly is a beginner, or who can benefit the most from this course format? Anyone who sings for pleasure and knows they can do more if they had some tips and advice. And, also singers who know pretty much what they're doing but that maybe lack stamina or technique.

This platform offers free preview lessons, which I think are great as they allow you to form your very own ideas on the course format. The paid course features a bunch of full-length lessons, which include approaching various styles, learning pitch and intonation, vibrato, classical singing, harmonizing, and many other techniques.

You can get a good grasp of the fundamentals of becoming a good singer. Keep in mind that much of your progress will depend on your natural inclination and the amount of effort you put into practice. However, you'll get all the tips you need to get started and progress at a fast pace.

I also like that different teachers are explaining various concepts. Therefore there's more variety. Even so, all lessons are easy to follow. And, the platform does offer other courses too.

  • Multiple teachers
  • A simplistic website with intuitive navigation
  • A lot of emphasis on proper technique development
  • Lessons cover many genres
  • Limited downloadable content
  • Subscription program can get pricey over time

2. Singorama - $67

Singorama 2.0 has to be one of the best singing training programs for people on the go. It's completely audio-based, which makes it very different from most other platforms. However, while some may see this as a downside, I think it's an advantage for a particular user group – people with little time on their hands.

You can listen to the lessons anywhere, anytime, thus freeing up even more time for your work or yourself. All without missing out on important lessons, tips, and advice.

The course is structured with a good flow and touches on everything from how to adopt a proper singing posture to differences between head voice and chest voice, to how to extend your vocal range.

Most of the lessons are around 20 minutes long, so there's a lot of information to take in. I will also add that this is perhaps one of the most technical and comprehensive courses. That's despite not having video content.

Along with the MP3s, you'll get some useful software for recording and training your pitch. You'll also get some eBooks and more advanced modules. I recommend this course for amateur and semi-professional singers that are looking to improve and expand their knowledge of this sensitive instrument.

  • Very comprehensive lessons
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Multiple available modules
  • Software tools included
  • No video lessons (audio only)
  • Lacks one-on-one coaching

3. Masterclass - Christina Aguilera - $180

Ever since the Masterclass platform launched, there's been no shortage of amazing courses in many fields. If you're focused on developing your vocals, then one of the best courses for you is Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing.

The artist touches all the fundamentals of how to become a professional singer. You'll learn how to do proper warm-up exercises, how to take care of your voice, whether it's by singing a certain way or avoiding some environments and bad habits.

Because Christina Aguilera is known for her extensive vocal range, this is a good course to take if you're trying to hit those super high and low notes and build your vocal range. Although most of the lessons focus on pop music and some rock music, the information is invaluable.

And, what's even better, is that the lessons will also touch on other aspects such as diction, experimenting with tones, how to capture an audience when playing live, how to choose studio gear, finding inspiration, and so much more.

As a bonus, you'll also get to see her explain and break down some of her most popular hits. On top of all this, each lesson comes with its very own workbook, so there's more studying to do than just watching short online videos.

Although Masterclass is known as a premium platform and for having premium pricing, keep in mind that with a single one-year membership, you can get access to other courses too, related and unrelated to the music industry. So is it expensive? Yes. But the value exceeds the pricing if you ask me.

  • Renowned instructor
  • Valuable knowledge for all skill levels
  • Great for learning how to improvise
  • Superb video and audio quality
  • Unique lesson format
  • Limited genre coverage
  • Slightly pricey for some people

4. Roger Love Singing Academy - $197 Onwards

If you're looking for expert advice, then why not take some from one of the most popular celebrity voice coaches, Roger Love? The man's popularity is perhaps on par with the number of people that trust his coaching methods.

Word of caution, the prices are a bit high. But, the platform offers three courses. You can buy Course One for a one-time fee, or the first two, or the first three. With this offering, you can stay busy for up to 14 weeks, with lessons alone.

There are over 100 videos in total, covering everything from overcoming stage fright and finding your voice to different microphone techniques, developing your style, and connecting with the audience. Whether you want to play live, record your stuff, or just sing better at karaoke bars, these three courses will teach you everything you need to know.

The rest is up to you, as you dedicate more and more time to practicing. The course has excellent structure and flow, and the explanations are super easy to follow as well as rich in information.

  • Great for all skill levels
  • Good flow of courses
  • Tons of video lessons
  • Love Notes training system included
  • The prices are high for people who aren't serious about singing

5. The Vocalist Studio - $199 Onwards

This course offers an interesting alternative to most platforms. You can get lifetime access to existing and upcoming content, which is always nice. Also, you can choose different levels of teacher involvement.

For example, the basic course training plan is more suitable for those good enough to learn and practice on their own. There's also a package that adds a book into the mix in both hardcopy and electronic format.

But what separates these lessons from others is that you can also pay for more advanced lesson plans, which will include either one or three live lessons. For the live lessons aspect alone, this is a valuable course for many beginners and advanced singers.

The price per live lesson is also considerably lower than what you might find outside the online medium. In terms of content, you get a lot considering that there are over 500 audio and video files with lessons and workout routines.

I also like the inclusion of a signed book and implementing course quizzes to keep the student more engaged and give him a proper sense of progression.

  • Very comprehensive course
  • Online and offline availability
  • Live coaching sessions are available (optional)
  • Course quizzes
  • Male and female-specific instructions
  • Prices are a bit high if you're not serious about singing professionally
  • Limited to 3 live lessons

6. Bohemian Vocal Studio - Free (YouTube)

You didn't think that I wouldn't include one of the top YouTube channels, too? The Bohemian Vocal Studio is, in my opinion, one of the best channels for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced vocalists. It's especially beneficial for advanced vocalists looking to expand their range and try different styles.

As with most YouTube channels, the main advantage here is that most of the lessons are completely free. They also feature excellent production value, which is always a big plus. I do say that most of the lessons are free because some lessons will have redirects to offsite downloadable material, which won't be free.

That said, the channel has plenty of subscribers and tons of short and to the point videos that explain various techniques. It's also possible to seek online vocal coaching from the man behind the Bohemian Vocal Studio channel, which is also a plus.

I should also point out that these lessons may even benefit rock singers a bit more than vocalists of other styles. If you're looking for simple explanations and quick how-to type videos to enhance your vocals, this may be the fastest way to get results.

  • Free short lessons
  • Good production value
  • Simple and easy-to-follow explanations
  • Free to seek only techniques you're interested in
  • Not as much content as paid courses
  • Doesn't get updated too often

What Does It Take to Be a Good Singer?

Well, it takes a lot. As with any other instrument, there is some talent involved. However, more often than not, it's about finding the right balance between being technically sound and being an entertainer.

Learning how to sing and learning how to sing for an audience are two different things, if you ask me. It is why I think it's important to take some singing lessons, whether they're online or not.

While you can watch tutorials and practice techniques on your own, you might lack guidance for dealing with some of the psychological aspects of singing. And, no matter how you get that guidance (from books, audiobooks, videos, etc.), you should get it.

Advantages of Learning to Sing Online

There are ups and downs associated with learning to sing online, with minimal instructor interaction. But due to the excellent production value and the extra time instructors have to set up their lessons, I think that the online medium can provide more comprehensive explanations to all of your questions.

There's also the clear cost disparity between taking one-on-one lessons in your spare time and taking an online course. More often than not, the online course will come with tons of tools, materials, and extra content for you to cover at your own pace.

That said, some programs are better than others. For example, a subscription-based course may not be ideal for everyone as it forces a certain timeframe on the student to either progress or pay for more.

But since the options are so many, finding the right fit for your budget shouldn't be an issue.

Learning from Celebrity Instructors

It's a trend that started years back. And it is popular in many areas, including vocal coaching. Celebrity singers or singing instructors don't have the time to take on many regular students. They would also be far too pricey for everyone to afford.

But putting together an online course that thousands of people can access simultaneously is more convenient. Hence these days, you can learn from Grammy-winning artists, music producers, world-renowned vocal coaches, and so on.

Are You Looking for Quality or Quantity?

Sometimes you have to settle for one or the other. But as you can see from the recommended courses in this article, you can have both if you know where to look. On well-developed platforms, there's no shortage of great audio and written content.

The only time when you might find that the course doesn't offer enough is if you opt for free platforms. But even then, a short video can offer a wealth of information if the instructor knows how to present it to the audience.

Passive Learning

Here's one of the most underrated aspects of improving your vocals through online lessons – passive learning. I understand that not everyone has time to watch hours of videos every week or partake in one-on-one lessons.

Vocal coaching is unlike studying and learning other instruments. With your voice, you don't always have to be loud or even sing to improve. Audio only lessons and audiobooks can be a great way to learn about pitch, breathing techniques, posture, and many other things.

That's something that doesn't translate well to other instruments like say, piano, or guitar. With those, you need to see what you have to do with your fingers and try to follow along. With your voice, you get more freedom.

Important Course Aspects to Look for

First of all, figure out your goals. Knowing how good you want to get and what you want to do with your singing chops will determine the course type that's best-suited for you.

Then, it's important to figure out if you want to be an all-around singer or if you want to focus on a particular genre. If you want more range and variety, then you will need more comprehensive lesson plans.

If you're the type of person that wants to sing in a single genre, with or without a band, then maybe you can find a cheaper alternative. Also, you can find a shorter course that doesn't delve into singing techniques that you won't be using.

The dedicated training software can always be advantageous. But don't dwell on that too much. There are so many free tools you can find online to train your pitch, that it doesn't add that much value to any course program if you ask me.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can learn how to sing. It may take some more than others. However, like any other instrument, your voice can be trained, fine-tuned, and practiced until it sounds appealing to the ears.

Keep in mind that there are very few music genres that don't feature vocals. And even though some music is very instrumentally complex, most listeners will focus on the lyric line and the voice. The voice stands out the most and is often seen as the star or the driving force behind a song.

So, no matter your reasons for wanting to develop your voice, in terms of how far you want to go with it, it will be the thing that defines you as a singer and the feature that can define your band too.

I stand by my top recommendations in online singing lessons as they are very varied in course plans and each one caters to a wide range of potential students. I also chose something for every budget so that you can see that you don't have to spend a fortune to get good advice, learn proper techniques, have fun, and see real progress too.

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