8 Best Party Speakers (2022) – High on Bass!

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Throwing a party requires a certain caliber of speaker. Party speakers need to combine volume with maximum quality, and of course, the bass needs to shake the walls!

Although I can’t help you choose which songs to put into your playlist, I can point you in the direction of the best party speakers available. Whether you’re planning a small, casual gathering or a full-blown party, these speakers are sure to please the crowd.

Best Party Speakers - Full of Bass!

Since its inception over 70 years ago, JBL has established itself as a pioneer of audio equipment. Their range of headphones is commendable, but it's their extensive selection of speakers that are most impressive and popular.

The PartyBox 300 is a powerful portable speaker that is designed for parties, as the name suggests. Offering 120 watts of power, this speaker will have no issues filling a large space or pumping sound waves into an outdoor setting.

In addition to the powerful sound output, JBL has also designed the visual aspect of the PartyBox 300 to be well suited to events. It features a panel lighting effect, which produces a dynamic multi-colored light show that is bound to be a hit with the crowd.

For convenience, this speaker can be operated wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity. Simply hook up your chosen device, start the playlist, and let the speaker work its magic.

The power requirements of the JBL PartyBox 300 are pretty simple. With an inbuilt rechargeable battery that provides up to 18 hours of playtime, you just need to plug it into a 12V DC charger and it will perform for even the longest of parties.

Another smart feature installed by JBL is the microphone and guitar inputs. We’ve all been at parties that suddenly turn into karaoke, and when that moment comes, the PartyBox 300 is waiting to provide wannabe singers and musicians with amplification.

  • The full panel lighting display
  • 120 watts of output power
  • 18 hours of rechargeable battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • None

Sony’s prowess as a speaker manufacturer is undeniable. Their products are innovative, highly respected, and amongst the best-sellers every year. With the XB72, they have managed to possibly create the perfect party speaker.

Designed to boost the volume, bass, and clarity of your favorite tunes, the XB72 offers a wide range of features.

There's the "Extra Bass" button, which when pressed, instantly adds some low-end power to the output. By reinforcing the basslines of your chosen song, it's sure to please party-goers.

Conveniently, the speaker performs equally impressively when positioned vertically or horizontally. The latter provides the classic boom box experience, while the former produces a more conventional output.

There’s a sensor installed to optimize the performance based on the speaker’s position.

If someone suddenly plucks up the courage to sing their favorite ballad mid-party, the XB72 has a microphone input to let them display their talent, or lack of it, as is sometimes the case!

This Sony speaker can be connected to three devices simultaneously so that multiple people can be in control of the playlist. It is also compatible with the Sony Music Centre app, where audio settings, playlists, and song orders can be adjusted.

Onboard LED line lights are also installed. They react to the music that is being played, synchronizing with the tempo, and responding to the changes in frequencies by presenting different color patterns and lighting contrasts.

  • Powerful low-end bass boost
  • Connect to 3 devices at once
  • Microphone input
  • Vibrant LED line light display
  • Bluetooth range reported being limited

Soundcore’s Trance is an affordable Bluetooth speaker ideally suited to parties and gatherings. Offering a huge 101dB of sound, this speaker produces refined and powerful audio amplification.

With a frontally-directed woofer that measures 5.25" and a 2" tweeter, the Soundcore Trance has plenty of volume in reserve. It also houses a passive radiator that is positioned on the speaker's reverse side and is responsible for adding power to the lower frequencies. 

When hosting a party, drink spillage is an inevitability. Thankfully, Soundcore has made the Trance speaker completely waterproof. It can even survive being dropped in a swimming pool, due to the outer IPX7-rated casing that protects the internal components.

The custom light show, driven by Soundccore’s Party Light algorithm, tailors the visuals of the speaker to suit your music choice. You can alter the lights using the selectable preset modes and watch them interact with the audio in real-time. 

Finally, the functionality of the Trance speaker is enhanced when you connect it to the Soundcore app. There is a choice of party games, controls for the LED display, and sound effects. By selecting Outdoor mode, you instantly boost the bass to suit the setting.

  • Intuitive light display
  • Compatible with soundcore app
  • 101 dB volume
  • Completely waterproof
  • None

The Soundboks 2 is an exceptionally loud Bluetooth speaker, reaching up to 122 dB in volume. It offers a crisp high-end response and rumbling bass that will fill a large room or outdoor space. 

The speaker is easily connectable to Bluetooth. You can either hook your device up wirelessly or use an aux cable to play music. The Bluetooth range spans far enough to control the playlist from a fair distance apart from the speaker.

Without a doubt, the most impressive feature of this part speaker, other than its pristine audio quality, is its battery life. Offering up to 40 hours of constant usage, you don’t need to worry about it suddenly cutting out mid-party.

The housing is extremely durable. It's water-proof, splash-proof, and resistant to dirt. Not to mention, the metal grill on the front of the speaker provides robust protection for the woofer and cones that are responsible for blasting the audio.

  • 122 dB of volume
  • 40 hours of usage per recharge
  • Robust waterproof housing
  • Doesn’t include an onboard phone charger

The Hyperboom by Ultimate Ears is an interestingly-designed portable speaker that is ideal for keeping party guests entertained. It offers pristine sound quality even when the speaker is pushed to its dynamic limits.

In terms of sound, the Hyperboom produces a well-rounded, warm output that doesn’t color the existing audio, but rather amplifies its main frequencies. You can hook up 4 devices at one time, and switch between them by simply pressing the connect button.

In addition to the Bluetooth connectivity, there’s also the option of using an auxiliary or optical input. With one full charge, the speaker can run for 24 hours continuously. This minimizes the risk of it abruptly killing the vibe of your party by going silent due to a lack of power. 

Another great feature built into the Hyperboom is its adaptive EQ. Rather than you having to tweak the frequency settings on the speaker, it simply scans the audio and the environment, then creates a blend that best suits both of these variables.

The Hyperboom also houses a charging output specific to smartphones or tablets, so you can leave your playlist running without needing to change devices due to low battery.

  • Pristine treble reproduction
  • Solid bass response
  • Water-resistant
  • 24 hours of battery life
  • Requires you to download the app for full functionality

LG are world-renowned for their quality range of audio devices and televisions. When designing the PL7 Xboom Go, they set out to create a convenient party speaker that combines portability with sound quality and power.

The first thing that becomes apparent when playing audio through the PL7 Xboom Go is its incredible bass response. Deep and solid, it allows the low-end frequencies to become prominent within the mix.

Water-resistant and durable enough to withstand heavy usage, the Xboom Go won’t fold under the pressure of a wild party. It features two circular LED lights positioned on either side, which indicate the status of the speaker.

Offering up to 24 hours of consistent playback, the LG PL7 is unlikely to cut out when the party is still going strong. It produces 30 watts of output power, so for this reason it’s better suited to indoor gatherings rather than outdoor ones.

  • Quick Bluetooth pairing
  • Weather & water-resistant
  • Deep sounding bass
  • 24-hour battery life
  • At 30 watts, not powerful for an outdoor party

Dynamic, powerful, and detailed, the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus delivers clear audio perfect for a large crowd. With 100 watts of output power and an 8-inch woofer speaker, it is a great choice for a party atmosphere.

Despite its large sound, the Rocker Plus is remarkably mobile. You could use it as a centerpiece in a room, or place it on a speaker stand in the yard and still receive the benefits of the high-quality inner speaker components.

Housed in a durable plastic casing, the speaker is not overly heavy. It also heads an adjustable handle for added portability, along with wheels to make transportation even easier.

With a staggering battery life of 50 hours, there's no chance of this speaker dying while the party is in full flow. It can be hooked up to a device of your choice using Bluetooth, or by plugging it into the aux input.

There's also an onboard FM/AM radio for the times when you can't think of a playlist to suit the occasion.

  • 50-hour battery life
  • Lightweight but durable construction
  • Onboard smartphone/tablet charger
  • Some users report slight distortion at high volumes

With its futuristic design and high-quality audio producing capabilities, the QFX SBX is a great speaker for parties of all sizes. NFC pairing makes Bluetooth connection a breeze, and the SBX includes a host of other useful features.

To ensure that the response of the speaker matches the occasion, QFX has installed a built-in amplifier and a graphic EQ. The amplifier ensures that the volume is at a sufficient level while protecting the sound quality, while the EQ allows you to tweak the frequency response.

Visually, the SBX doesn't disappoint. It features RGB LED lights that interact with the audio being plated. Also, the disco some light adds a retro touch to the display, illuminating the area in which it is placed.

Additionally, there is the choice of guitar and microphone inputs to cater to a good old singalong. The remote control that is included with the speaker can be used to toggle through tracks in a playlist, and with an FM tuner, you can also check what's playing on the radio.

  • Bluetooth speaker cabinet
  • RGB LED light display
  • Microphone and guitar inputs
  • Built-in graphic EQ
  • None

What Makes a Good Party Speaker?

Unlike hi-fi speakers or speakers for an indoor system, party speakers need certain qualities to ensure that they provide the power and clarity to capture the attention of large groups of people.

Many factors decide whether a speaker is suitable for a party. Indeed, the size of the gathering will largely determine how loud the speaker needs to be. Putting volume aside, let's take a look at some of the other required aspects.


A speaker must be mobile if it is to be used for a party. You never know exactly where people will gravitate to during a gathering, so taking the speaker with you must be an option.


Parties are unpredictable. Drinks get spilled, people collide with things. A little bit of chaos is what makes things exciting. Therefore, choosing a speaker that is waterproof and housed in a durable material is advisable.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the best-suited party speaker essentially depends on your intentions. If you are planning to host gatherings with large numbers of people present, then one of the more powerful speakers on this list is probably your best option.

Playing good quality audio can make or break a party. That's why it's so important to have a speaker you can rely on, with minimal effort or maintenance. Whichever you decide on from our list, I'm sure it will keep everyone entertained!

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