Best Cymbals for Punk (2021) – 5 Solid Packs / Sets

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Although the early 2000s are long past, punk music is still going strong. Bands like Green Day, Blink 182 and Taking Back Sunday are still together and keeping the style of music fresh.

Punk is a lot of fun to play on the drums. It requires high energy, a fair bit of stamina, and some hard hitting. As a punk drummer, you’re going to need some loud and durable cymbals. So, here’s my list of some of the best cymbals for punk music.

5 Best Cymbals for Punk

This set of Zildjian A Customs includes a pair of 14” hi-hats, 16” and 18” crashes and a 20” ride. They have a bright and beautiful finish that matches the tone that they produce.

The crashes have a relatively short sustain and get out of the way fast, meaning they’re perfect for the fast crash jabs that are played in punk settings.

The bell of the ride has a nice ping to it, making it great for playing in loud choruses. The hi-hats produce a solid chick and hold down grooves very tightly.

All these cymbals complement each other and produce a bright sound that fits very well in a punk setting.

  • Costs less money to buy them together rather than buying individual A Customs
  • These cymbals complement each other very well
  • Bell of ride has a great ping to it
  • Ride is very ringy

The Meinl Classics Custom Dark box comes with 16” and 18” crashes, 14” hi-hats, and a 20” ride. The build quality of the cymbals is surprisingly good despite the affordable pricing. Basically, you will be getting 4 cymbals for the price of 1 top tier cymbal. That’s crazy.

These cymbals are loud, dark, and cutting. The hi-hats and ride are clear and musical while the crashes are responsive and open up very well with force and volume.

The cymbals together have a wide spectrum of sound and tone. The bell of the ride cymbal will cut through just about any mix you throw at it.

These cymbals will work fantastically in a punk setting. They also look really cool on stage!

  • Very affordable
  • Black finish looks cool
  • Wide spectrum of sound and tone
  • The 16” crash isn’t as responsive as the other cymbals

This cymbal pack includes a pair of 14” hi-hats, 16” and 18” crashes and a 21” ride. These cymbals have a big sound that is bright and booming.

Their bright sound will cut through any mix while playing sharp crashes or smooth dynamic swells.

The best part of this pack is the ride cymbal. It’s 21” and can be crashed on, meaning you can play it to get a really heavy sound in loud punk choruses. The crash cymbals are quite responsive, allowing you to get a full tone, no matter how hard you hit them.

The one downside to these cymbals is that they have Sabian’s new logo. Sabian changed their logo and most people aren’t a fan of it.

  • Very cutting
  • 21” ride can be crashed on
  • Crash cymbals are responsive
  • New Sabian logo

The Paiste 2002s are one of the most loved series of cymbals from Paiste. They’ve been around for ages and are great cymbals for rock, metal and you guessed it - punk music. This pack comes with a pair of 14” hi-hats, 18” and 20” crashes, and a 22” ride.

These cymbals were specifically made for heavy styles of music and have a heavy sound that is super clean and crisp. They’re bright and project very well, making them fit in perfectly with that signature punk sound.

The crashes have a lot of wash to them and the 22” ride is extremely loud.

These cymbals are a bit pricier than the other cymbals on this list, but they’re well worth it. The larger sizes may take some getting used to.

  • Super clean and crisp sound
  • 22” ride is very loud, making it great for punk
  • Crashes are washy
  • More expensive compared to other cymbal packs in a similar range

This cymbal is a bit of a wildcard on this list. It’s kind of an internet secret, not having much information out there on it. However, it’s a seriously good option for punk music, which is why I’ve put it on this list.

16.5” is an uncommon size for a cymbal, but it’s what makes this cymbal quite unique. It’s a very thin cymbal that is punchy, warm, and has crazy projection. The bell is dry an pingy, so it will sound quite good when it’s played.

You’d think this cymbal wouldn’t be able to take a beating due to how thin it is. However, once it’s set up and played in context, you won’t even notice the thinness. It’s really durable and will work very well in a punk setup.

It may not be the best option for a main crash, but it will work well as a secondary crash that will give a unique sound when called for.

  • Very good projection
  • Highly durable
  • Dry and pingy bell
  • Not very accessible


You’re going to be playing the cymbals a lot in punk. You’re also going to be hitting them quite hard. So, make sure you have some cymbals that can take a beating and match the energy of your band.

Punk music isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but it is seriously beneficial for a drummer to be able to play the style. It will help develop your stamina behind the kit. So, go out and get some cymbals that will fit right in with your punk band.

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