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Honestly, why bother answering your phone, or talking on the truck phone, if you can just get the best Bluetooth headset for truckers and be done with it? This way you’ll always be operating within the confines of the law, and you’ll be able to enjoy clearer audio when talking to customers, clients, bosses, or your family.

There are a few key characteristics that headsets for truckers should meet and I’ve compiled a list of headsets that will work on most mobile devices and meet those requirements to a tee.

8 Best Trucker Headsets that Can Work as Hard as You

Autonomy is always important in Bluetooth headsets. The BlueParrot B450-XT headset should keep you talking for up to 24 hours per charge, even when used at higher volume levels. I also appreciate the range of 300ft. which won’t keep you stuck in your seat when you’re refilling the tank or inspecting your vehicle.

In regard to size, the B450-XT is compact and comfortable to wear all day long. It provides decent noise cancellation for your right ear and the microphone sits at a comfortable distance in front of the mouth. This allows a clean capture and minimal buzzing on the other end of the call.

What’s also convenient is the multiconnectivity. You will be able to connect the B450-XT with two devices. And, you can also adjust the microphone to handle high-noise environments. Another reason why I recommend the B450-XT is the ease of use when it comes to transferring calls.

All you have to do is press and hold the volume down button to transfer a call from the phone to the headset and vice versa.

  • High fidelity audio
  • Superior noise cancellation
  • Adaptable microphone
  • Easy to use
  • Can connect to two devices simultaneously
  • Non-adjustable head strap

This headset can help to keep you focused on the road while also allowing you to continue your conversations, listen to GPS directions in better audio quality, and why not, listen to your favorite long-haul playlist.

The headset leaves your right ear free and offers up to 34 hours of talk time. The thick padding and design of the right earpad also provide impressive noise cancellation. It’s enough to cut out the noise of powerful engines and most passing vehicles, which should make it easier to communicate with clients, family, or your fleet manager.

I also recommend this headset if you have issues with head pressure. The adjustable headband allows for a better fit. The padding on it is also decent and eases some of the pressure.

Also commendable is the overall build quality. Although the headband is flexible, it’s also rugged, as is everything else, including the microphone. You can also bend the mic however you want and this should allow you to deliver very good audio on the other end, no matter how noisy your surroundings are.

  • Adjustable headband
  • 34 hours of talk time
  • 600h standby time
  • Noise cancellation for the left ear
  • Flexible microphone
  • You may sound distant when speaking softly

Mpow designed this headset for enhanced vocal qualities. If you’re driving in a loud truck or on busy highways, then the Mpow headset should allow you to have clear conversations with your family or whoever you need to get a hold of.

The speaker is for use over the right ear. This means that it shouldn’t block any important sounds coming from outside the truck. You’ll be able to clearly hear sirens. At the same time, this will make it easier to use the charging port as you won’t have to deal with cable management.

All the buttons are conveniently placed on the right side. If you’re a long haul driver, you should know that the headset may only last you about 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge. But, since you can charge it and talk at the same time, this shouldn’t pose a problem.

The only real downside is the low level of interference protection from other devices.

  • Can be paired to two devices
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Quality microphone
  • Flexible headband
  • Lightweight
  • May pick up interference from other devices

If you’re using an iPhone, your choice of headsets may be limited due to various compatibility issues. But, you could always use a set of AirPods to take your calls and enjoy better audio clarity. After all, there’s nothing to stop you from using just a single AirPod in order to be in line with the law.

There are considerable benefits when using a pair of AirPods, such as the ability to use Siri. The pods are easy to use with a simple double-tap to either play a tune or skip a song. What’s even better is that the AirPods feature Apple’s H1 headphone chips known for superior wireless connectivity.

While there’s limited noise cancellation to speak of, the AirPods do a great job of projecting crystal clear audio. The vocal clarity in particular should be very pleasing, as long as there isn’t too much outside noise to deal with.

The fact that you’re also getting a wireless charging case that also serves as storage is even better as there’s less risk of misplacing your AirPods.

  • Small and comfortable to wear
  • Automatic setup
  • Quick charging
  • High-end wireless connection
  • Siri enabled
  • Only for iOS users

From the outside, the Willful M98 headset for truckers may not look like much. It has a fairly simple design and a slim profile, much more similar to what you would find in a call center. However, this headset can give you a good 17 hours of talk time and only takes around two hours to get a full charge.

On top of that, it also provides decent noise cancellation. The speaker is on the right side, which is customary for trucker headsets and can be most useful when you’re driving through high-traffic areas.

The padding on the earpad is soft and thick. The thickness helps with reducing the amount of outside noise that can bleed into the mix and the relief of pressure. The headband is only slightly adjustable but the slim design makes it comfortable enough to wear during long hauls. It also helps that the headset weighs just 1.8oz, which isn’t a lot at all.

Dual connectivity is available, which I think is impressive in this price range. This allows the Willful M98 to be a competitive headset for active truckers. You might also appreciate the charging base too, which has a stable base and serves as a good stand for the headset when it’s not in use.

  • Straight boom mic
  • Dual device connectivity
  • Charging base included
  • Minimal interference
  • Lightweight
  • Limited sound adjustment

I don’t know if I would really call the Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC a proper trucker headset. It’s more of an earpiece, but that’s beside the point. Why do I recommend it? Because it’s one of the most comfortable things you can wear as a trucker without compromising audio quality or risk getting yourself into legal troubles.

The device can be placed in your right ear, as you would any standard Bluetooth earpiece. The connectivity is very impressive with the device rarely lagging and having superior speed. Also important is the mono sound mode, which is less likely to get distorted.

I recommend the behind-the-ear design if you’re no stranger to it. It clearly offers better stability with little chance of causing head or ear pressure. That said, it’s an acquired taste.

Although this may not be the cheapest option for most truckers, the sound quality is very good for both calls and music. Furthermore, two other sizes of eartips are included. This is a level of customization that most headsets won’t have and it should make the VOYAGER-5200-UC comfortable to wear for a wide range of ear types.

In terms of noise cancellation, this won’t perform as well as a traditional headset. That’s because this earpiece lacks padding. With that in mind, the earpiece will go in a bit deeper in your ear. This should compensate for the lack of padding on the monaural earpiece.

The microphone is a good one, which is most surprising since it’s not as big and long as most boom mics. In fact, it barely stretches across one’s cheeks.

  • Fast connection speed
  • Behind-the-ear design
  • 98ft operating distance
  • Carry case included
  • Extra eartips included
  • Slightly expensive

If your major concern is how well others will hear you during a conversation, then you might want to make the Cisno M97 headset your go-to for long hauls. It has a superior quality microphone with great noise cancellation features. It’s also a flexible mic that lets you experiment with the positioning. This should be useful if your vocal cords are strained or if you’re in a particularly loud environment.

The device doesn’t have a huge range at just 32ft, but it can be connected to two devices simultaneously and it is compatible with all iPhones and Android devices. What the M97 may lack durability, it makes up for it in comfort.

The M97 is lightweight and features a flexible slim headband. This will make it so that head pressure becomes less of a stress factor. For the 17 hours that one charge will last you, the headphones should feel comfortable to wear.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Clear voice capture
  • Noise cancellation
  • 17-hour talk time
  • Compatible with most mobile devices
  • Not the most durable frame

The VOYAGER 104 boasts an over-the-head design and a rather bulky build. It’s hard to miss its trucker vibe. Clearly built to last, the VOYAGER 104 is more than just Plantronics’ flagship headset for truckers, it’s also a very reliable audio device.

Leaving aside the fact that it’s water-resistant, you’re bound to appreciate this headset’s long-lasting battery that’s capable of providing up to 24 hours of talk time on a single charge. This should be enough for all work-related and personal calls on the road and in between rests.

As bulky as it is, it’s mostly from the thick padding and memory foam. The VOYAGER 104 has been designed to fit all head sizes and ear shapes comfortably. I also liked the bigger controls. These may come in handy if you drive with gloved hands as they’re very responsive. You may even be able to use them with your work gloves on if you’re within 60 feet of your device.

According to in-house testing, the VOYAGER 104 is rated at 99.6% noise cancellation efficiency. But, you may not want to read into that too much as manufacturers often design such tests around the most favorable conditions. That said, this thing is great at blocking outside noises – try it and you likely won’t need any specs to confirm what you hear.

  • Glove-friendly controls
  • Up to 24h runtime
  • Water resistant
  • Thick padding and memory foam
  • Durable frame
  • Doesn’t have the loudest output

How and What to Wear

Maybe you’re not up to date on safety regulations or maybe you think that audio quality trumps everything else when it comes to headsets. Well, that may be true in most cases, except if you’re a driver. When you’re driving, whether it’s a car, truck, bike, or anything else, you’re not allowed to have both ears covered.

That’s why my list only contains single earpiece headsets that won’t interfere with your ability to stay alert to what’s going on with or around your truck. With the exception of one product, the Apple AirPods, all headsets fall within regulations.

But, remember that you can use earbuds too if you remember to only use one of them at a time (although it's not possible with the AirPods). Therefore, your options are quite exhaustive when dealing with driving headsets.

Does the Bluetooth Technology Matter?

I’d say that in some cases it may matter more than the audio quality. You’ll want a speedy connection no matter how good the range is on your headset. A faster connection means less lag and a lower chance of getting disconnected or picking up interference.

You should also consider if you want to connect a headset to your work phone and personal phone at the same time, at having a speedy connection will play a huge role in maintaining high call quality.

Comfort Features

Here’s what’s interesting about trucker headsets. Because they only cover only one ear, you don’t have to worry too much about the padding. It’s still great to have it when you can afford it, but you can also ease much of the head pressure and ear pressure if you just opt for a lightweight headset.

Don’t be afraid to use one of those inconspicuous headsets that come with a slim headband and a narrow frame. Anything two ounces or less should be comfortable enough to wear over long periods of time.

Another thing I want to suggest is either going for headsets with no controls or for headsets with non-touch sensitive controls. Having some control or optimization features may be important to you. But, if you can’t quickly make adjustments when your hands are dirty or gloved, you’re just asking for distracted driving.

Drive Safe and Avoid Getting a Ticket

As long as you avoid using gaming headsets or regular noise cancellation headsets that cover both ears, you’re not going to get pulled over for wearing a headset.

Whether you want something with massive autonomy, something that feels snug, or something that has impeccable noise cancellation on both the headset and mic, there’s at least one product on my list that should meet all your requirements.

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