6 Best Trumpet Cases & Gig Bags in 2022 – Convenient Options

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Any good horn player knows how easily you can damage a trumpet, be it sitting at home or on the road. So, does this mean that you always reach for the best trumpet case or gig bag?

Here’s the secret. The best protection you can offer your instrument is to handle it with care. On top of that, and for additional peace of mind, here are some great options for storing and transporting your trumpets.

6 Best Trumpet Cases & Gig Bags - Top Picks

This molded trumpet hard case is best suited for trumpet players that have to get on buses, vans, or airplanes to travel between gigs. The very rugged exterior can provide protection against mishandling by conveyor belts and package/baggage handlers.

The structural integrity of the ABS plastic case is very good and will allow it to support a lot of weight on all sides and edges. The handle is bolted, which provides additional strength and weight capacity.

Plush lining is used on the interior to provide a scratch-free storage option for trumpets and accessories. The padding is also thick and higher density, which helps prevent the instrument from moving around while in transit.

The case is big enough to fit most standard student trumpets and performance trumpets as well. D-rings are also featured in case you want to use a shoulder strap to carry the case. Notwithstanding that a hard case may not be the most comfortable thing to carry on your shoulder.

  • Rugged exterior
  • Thick padding
  • Soft lining
  • Supports shoulder straps
  • Bolted handle
  • May not be big enough for all trumpets

Gator Cases makes a number of trumpet case and this one is a lightweight polyfoam case. It’s great in the event that a hard case takes too much space or is overkill for your travel arrangements. The nylon exterior is durable and somewhat water resistant but it is not entirely waterproof.

A rubberized carry handle has been added to further improve the level of comfort and portability of the GL-Trumpet-A case. The front pocket can be used for most of your accessories, such as a mute, spare mouthpieces, oils, etc.

The EPA foam on the inside provides a good cushion. You will also find interior mouthpiece holders. This case has been designed for student-sized trumpets, which may make it on the smaller side for trumpet players in general.

Nevertheless, it can also serve as a permanent storage option for your trumpet.

  • Lightweight
  • Large accessory pocket
  • Thick foam padding
  • Rubberized handle
  • Not suitable for larger instruments

The PB301 has to be one of the best horn cases in the market. It’s a lightweight soft case with a rugged ballistic nylon exterior. It has an impact-resistant frame and a waterproof exterior.

Although it is built around a rugged wooden frame, this is still considered a soft case for not having a hard shell. There’s an adjustable shoulder strap with thick padding that you can use to carry trumpets of almost all sizes. The fit is universal because of the spacious interior.

There are also multiple pockets built-in which you can use to store your mute and other accessories. The metal zippers are very durable and feature a locking ring. Use that to add another smaller case or pouch. Or, you can add a pad lock to better secure your gear.

  • Durable wooden frame
  • Multiple pocket compartments
  • Thick cushioning
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Custom zippers
  • Pricey for a soft gig bag

If you’re usually careful with your instrument and you always want to keep it on hand, then a gig bag may just be better suited for you than a bulky hard case. One of the best trumpet gig bags currently available, this Flexzion model can fit almost all trumpets of all sizes.

The lining is soft and won’t scratch your instrument. I also like the fact that it has two storage compartments, one of which can easily be used for sheet music and other accessories.

The handle is rugged and has an ergonomic grip. However, there’s also the option to use the shoulder strap to carry your instrument around. The shell is not rigid which may make it easier to carry at the cost of less impact protection.

  • Scratch-free storage
  • Decent padding
  • Lightweight
  • Two storage compartments
  • Average impact protection

The Guardian CW-041-TP has a simple polystyrene interior behind a very soft lining that doen’t scratch. The rugged exterior offers good impact resistance and a decent level of weather resistance.

Although the overall design and construction may seem simple, the CW-041-TP trumpet case is a solid alternative to more expensive hard cases. This one may also fit larger than standard trumpet models.

There’s not a lot of room on the inside to hold accessories like valve oil or spare mouthpieces. However, you should be able to carry your sheet music inside along with your trumpet.

  • Rugged exterior
  • Affordable
  • Accommodates large trumpets
  • Lighter than most hard cases
  • Limited capacity for accessories

If you really want to go on the road with everything you have, then ProTec iPac Case might just let you do that. It’s a quadruple trumpet case with spacious storage for trumpets and accessories. It’s heavy but also very roomy.

This case comes with a higher price tag for obvious reasons. However, it more than makes up for it with its storage capacity, rugged frame, and surprising portability.

The case gets its strength from the wooden frame, ballistic nylon cover, and durable metal hardware, especially when it comes to the zippers. A telescoping handle is available along with wheels for you to carry it like any regular suitcase.

The interior features modular walls and various pocket compartments or pouches which you can use to store most of your essential accessories. There’s also an exterior zippered pocked that can serve as storage and protection for your sheet music.

  • Fits up to 4 trumpets
  • Rugged wooden frame
  • High-end nylon cover
  • Multiple storage options for accessories
  • Wheeled
  • Expensive

Cases vs. Bags

In general, trumpet cases offer the highest level of protection for your instrument and equipment, compared to gig bags. They are impact resistant on the outside and cushioned on the inside. The exterior of the case is usually waterproof.

Trumpet bags are a different story. They may not always be smaller, but they’re lighter and easier to carry around as they often come with shoulder straps on top of the handles. Trumpet bags also tend to feature multiple exterior pockets.

You may also want to consider is a case is also good for storing your trumpet at home or at the studio.

Hard Cases vs. Soft Cases

As you could see, a case can have a hard or soft shell. To be considered a case, the latter would have to come with a frame.

Hard cases are considered the best type of travel gear for musicians. It’s the hard case that can keep your trumpet intact if it falls out of the van, gets stepped or rained on, and such. Not to mention that without having a hard case, baggage handlers and conveyor belts might do a number on your trumpet.

That being said, the more durable the case, the heavier and more expensive it will be. Also, hard cases are usually bulkier and may not be always easy to transport.

Soft cases are a bit of an upgrade compared to trumpet bags. They are bigger and better built, but they don’t offer the molded exterior shell of a hard case. In any event, a soft trumpet case should be better than a regular trumpet gig bag.

Interior and Exterior Storage

For the most part, only soft cases and gig bags will have plenty of room for more than the few mandatory accessories that a trumpet player would need. If you want extra storage capacity, you might want to look for extra pockets.

Just keep in mind that exterior pockets won’t offer too much protection from bumps and hits. On the other hand, if you want to carry two trumpets to your gigs, then a hard case would make more sense. That’s because hard cases offer more protection and are also the only types of cases that are designed to hold more than one trumpet.

Another thing to look out for is a luggage ID tag pocket. That can save you a lot of trouble if you fly to gigs across the country.

Never Allow Your Horn to Suffer

The options presented here should be pretty clear enough to help you make a quick and informed decision. Choose carefully your next gig bag or trumpet case based on your requirements. If nothing else, they can supply the inspiration should you choose to build your own case or modify an existing suitcase for your trumpet.

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