7 Best Turntable Stands for Your Record Players (2022)

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When you invest in a record player, it's important to ensure that it is supported by good quality turntable stand. These stands offer a variety of features for keeping a record player stable and storing its accessories.

Turntable stands come in many shapes and sizes, so predetermining the attributes you require for your record player, vinyl records and speakers is essential. In this article, I'll present the best stands available that cater to a range of requirements.

The Best Stands for Turntables  

The Novogratz Concord is a stylish turntable stand that comes equipped with multiple storage drawers. Taking inspiration from designers from the mid-century, Novogratz has used a combination of laminated particleboard and MDF to create classy aesthetics.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Concord stand is its compatibility with almost any décor. The choice of medium brown woodgrain and solid black metal legs blends well with modern or classic designs.

On the top surface of the stand, there is ample room for positioning a record player. In fact, there’s even space for a set of medium or small speakers. Underneath, the cabinet has two large racks specifically for vinyl records, with three dividers per rack.

  • Stylish laminated wood grain design
  • Blends well with modern or classic room styles
  • Room for a turntable and speaker
  • Vinyl-record dividers
  • None

The advantage of a two-tier turntable stand is that it allows you to safely position your record player, store your records underneath, and if it has an open space below like the Victrola Wooden Stand, you are left with more storage space or room for decorating.

This classically-styled centerpiece is ideal for the living room. It’s made from elegant, real wood, and the color scheme is neutral enough to fit into the majority of room designs.

Positioned on the second shelf of this record player stand are two metal dividers, which are solidly built to hold your record collection firmly in place. The laminated finish is easy to clean, and the legs extend down through the middle shelf for further reinforcement.

If you’re a keen record collector, you’ll be pleased to learn that this Victrola turntable stand has the capacity to hold over 50 vinyl records. Assembling the stand is very straightforward, and requires no tools or previous D.I.Y experience.

  • Made from real wood
  • Easy-polish laminate finish
  • Holds up to 50 records
  • No drawers included

The Soho turntable stand by Crosley Furniture is a convenient and distinguished offering that is capable of holding up to 200 records! With a total of four shelves, there’s plenty of room to position other items in addition to your record player and vinyl records.

The second shelf on the unit is ideally sized for storing turntable accessories, such as preamps or spare cables. The shelves are well reinforced and connected by solid joints, so placing heavy items on them won’t pose much of an issue.

Another smart feature of the Soho record player stand is thesis holes that outline its top three shelves. These are designed to manage the cables from your turntable, preamp, and speakers so that you can discreetly hide them out of view.

The addition of adjustable feet also improves the functionality of this turntable stand. This allows you to slightly tweak the height of the unit and is especially handy if you are storing records underneath the bottom shelf.

  • Holds up to 200 vinyl records
  • Special holes for cable management
  • Shelf 2 is ideally sized for turntable accessories
  • Adjustable feet
  • None

The Novogratz Regal Stand is a multi-faceted unit with a striking modern look. Constructed from laminated particleboards and with a robust all-metal base, this turntable stand is ideal for storing heavy combinations of items.

With three open shelve units, you can place your record player on the top of the stand, then use the second tier for your mixer or preamp, and below there are two taller, narrow openings where records and books can be stored.

As an added bonus, if you decide you need an extra coffee table when some friends visit, the unit is equally well suited to this purpose. It’s at the perfect height to act as an end table in those scenarios where you’re pressed for space.

When it comes to assembling the stand, all you need is a screwdriver. A small wrench is included for convenience, as are all the necessary screws and hardware.

  • Multifunctional turntable stand
  • Doubles up as a coffee table
  • Durable metal base
  • Stylish modern aesthetics
  • No closed spaces/drawers

Ameriwood Home’s Southlander record player stand is a tall unit that oozes class and style. Providing large amounts of storage space within a fairly narrow dimension, it’s the perfect stand for people who live in smaller spaces.

Laminated particleboard with a light golden brown finish has been used to construct the desk. It looks inviting, homely, and blends in with other aspects of your living space, thanks to the neutral color scheme.

The black panel feet and handles fit in nicely with the overall aesthetics of the stand. Additionally, there are two shelves that can be adjusted and moved to suit your preferences. The bottom space features sorting racks, especially for vinyl records.

The other shelf isn't adjustable but is stronger and reinforced to hold heavier items. The stand comes with a complete wall anchor mount kit so that it can be secured to the wall, and a drawer in the center provides useful storage space.

  • Classy laminated particleboard
  • The middle shelf can hold up to 40 lbs
  • 2 shelves are adjustable
  • Comes with a wall anchor kit
  • None

The Crosley Bardstown Cabinet is a more subtle, understated stand for your turntable and accessories. With a simple one-door design and a distinguished matte black finish, the stand fits both modern and classical décor.

The top shelf of the cabinet is perfectly sized to fit your record player on. Then, underneath the enclosed door, there's a smaller shelf that is suitable for storing books, CDs, or other similarly sized items.

The main compartment is larger and designed to hold your records. With the decorative glass door providing a glimpse of the record collection, the cabinet looks very smart indeed and almost teases you to play one of your favorite albums.

This Crosley stand is made from high-quality hardwoods and veneers. It’s also very easy to assemble and requires no tools or additional hardware.

  • Understated design
  • Glassdoor shows off your record collection
  • Plenty of room for books & CDs
  • Made from solid hardwoods & veneer
  • Some reviewers report that the stand can’t hold heavier loads

Sometimes, you simply don't have the room to facilitate a full-sized turntable stand with multiple records stored underneath. That's where the simple but very effective Pro-Ject Wallmount comes in.

As the name suggests, this stand is simply mounted onto a wall using the hardware and tools provided, and your turntable can be positioned on top. It has a resonance-free design to minimize the sound traveling through the wall.

With a matte black finish and the capability to hold anywhere up to 66 lbs, the Wallmount is more than strong enough for the majority of record player units. It also comes with height-adjustable spikes so that you can ensure the level of the surface is correct.

  • Takes up minimal space
  • Easy to wall mount
  • Holds up to 66lbs
  • Comes with height-adjustable spikes
  • Doesn’t include storage space for records or other accessories

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Turntable Stand

Of course, design and aesthetics are going to be at the forefront of your mind when choosing which record player stand to buy. The color scheme and general looks need to be compatible with the space you have in mind.

Another thing to consider, is where will you store, or hide, the multiple cables that run from your turntable to your mixer, preamp, or speakers? Some stands come with specifically cut-out holes so that you can feed the cables through discreetly.

If your speakers are positioned far from your turntable, you need to consider where the cables will run and whether they can be practically hidden away.

Alternatively, your record player may be capable of simply connecting to your speakers via Bluetooth, which removes this issue altogether.

Final Thoughts

There's nothing better than enjoying music in the highest-quality possible – vinyl. The warm tones that come through the speakers are a joy to behold, and that's why it's important to set your turntable and accessories up efficiently and pleasingly.

Although there are many record player stands out there, choosing the right one for you should be based on the appearance, the durability, and of course, what you intend to store on it.

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