6 Best Ukulele Straps to Enhance Your Playing Comfort

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Many ukulele players don’t understand why a strap is an essential accessory for this small instrument. Using one of the best ukulele straps will make playing the uke more comfortable and will save you some worrying down the line.

Because there’s not too much to say other than what designs are better than others, let’s dive right in. Read on about some of my favorite uke straps and my thought process behind selecting them.

Best Ukulele Straps - Top 6 Picks

This ukulele strap is hard to beat. It’s affordable, it comes in a very bright, colorful pattern, and features a vintage Hawaiian ukulele strap design.

It’s quite comfortable given its cotton exterior. It doesn’t lack in the durability department, either. You’ll also get decent tension resistance and leather heads at each end for extra security.

I like that this strap features a plastic slider. It will help you adjust the length and tightness. As expected, each leather head has a strap hole already in place. Two strap buttons are also in the package, as well as a string, should you want a different setup.

Judging by the design and durability of the strap, I’d recommend this for all types of ukuleles, from soprano to larger tenor ukuleles.

  • Adjustable length
  • Bright, colorful pattern
  • Buttons and lace included
  • Great tension resistance
  • Comfortable feel
  • The underside doesn’t share the same premium feel

If you spend a fair few bucks on a good ukulele, then why not treat yourself to the same level of quality in accessories too. Lohanu’s clip-on ukulele strap is very convenient and comfortable to use. Its design is preferred by many since it involves no drilling whatsoever.

There are two ways to use this. You can wrap the strap around your neck and then clip one end to the soundhole. Alternatively, wrap the strap around the headstock and then run it behind your neck and underneath your playing arm.

Either way works fine, although I prefer the soundhole clip-on method. It is less restrictive, and given the adjustability of the strap, you can hang your ukulele quite low.

The adjustable length between 34” to 51.5” is more than enough even for bigger ukes. And, the addition of a durable lace and two picks make this an excellent package for beginners and pros.

  • Two strapping methods
  • Lace and picks included
  • Adjustable up to 51.5”
  • Won’t’ require drilling
  • Affordable
  • Limited color variety

Available in a wide range of colors, the Hot Seal ukulele strap has a modern appearance and a very comfortable feel. It’s made of a cotton and nylon combination. This combo offers sufficient tension resistance and resistance to wear and tear.

The strap feels soft yet firm against the body. At the ends, Hot Seal opted for genuine leather heads as well as metal buckles to further enhance the strength and carrying capacity of this strap.

The buckles serve another purpose too, and that’s to ensure the security of your length adjustments. You can set the length between 29” and 49”, which I feel is more than enough even if you’re rocking a tenor uke.

I like that the strap doesn’t come alone either. A headstock lace, pick, as well as a strap button set, are also included. I don’t mind the idea of having to drill a button into my uke, but it might be intimidating for someone with little to no experience.

  • Tail nail set included
  • Metal belt buckles
  • Genuine leather heads
  • Very soft feel
  • Drilling required

If you’re looking for maximum durability as well as something eye-catching, then this WerKens uke strap may be for you. It’s all goatskin leather from end to end, and it has a very stylish finish.

It may not be the most comfortable thing in the world to wear, especially without a shirt on, but the weight capacity, adjustability, and overall longevity compensate for sure. I like that it’s adjustable between 32” to 50” since it can accommodate players and ukuleles of various sizes.

The stitching is some of the best you’ll see. Also, the slim design of the strap makes it less restrictive and a bit more comfortable.

While some may argue that the metal buckle and the vintage look are the main highlights, I say that the shoulder pad is much more impressive.

However, the package lacks laces, rope, tail nails, and buttons.

  • High-quality stitching
  • Superior longevity and resistance
  • Vintage and stylish look
  • Long and adjustable
  • Metal buckle
  • Designed for ukes with built-in strap buttons

The M33 ukulele strap is available in four color patterns. There are both dark and bright options, depending on your mood or preferences. The strap features a Hawaiian Jacquard woven design which gives it authenticity, for anyone in search of it.

I like the double J hooks system as I find it most efficient and reliable. It helps provide optimal balance and weight support when playing in an upright position. The strap is adjustable between 33” and 47”.

It may not be the best option for taller uke players, but it should be more than enough for a wide range of users. The strap also features a large pad. It can provide additional comfort and pressure relief for the shoulder and the back.

With the soft fabric wrapped around the strap, it’s quite comfortable and easy to wear for hours. And, since it’s a clip-on design, it’s non-damaging to the uke and very easy to install.

  • Versatile clip-on strap design
  • Vintage Hawaiian look
  • Quality stitching and tension resistance
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Designed for a single strapping method

This uke strap is available in two models – one with a strap locker and one without it. I recommend the first one since the price difference is insignificant in comparison to the extra security you get.

You can adjust the strap between 27.5” and 48”, which means that it’s suitable for ukes of all sizes. On the inner side, the strap features a soft cotton lining. The feel is comfy, and the pressure distribution is excellent, given that the belt is wider than most.

I like this model for kids since the extra width of the strap provides more balance and security. The design was made with strap buttons in mind. However, you won’t get them in the package. It includes only a piece of rope and a leather band.

  • Genuine leather and cotton combo
  • Extra width for more balance
  • Very sturdy
  • Optimal for kids
  • Somewhat restrictive for larger adults

Why You Need a Ukulele Strap

There are many reasons uke players choose to use a strap with their instrument. First of all, even though uke is a significantly lighter and smaller instrument than a guitar, you can’t afford to support its weight with just your hands.

Doing this will eventually limit your movements and hinder your finger dexterity. Secondly, a uke strap can also provide optimum instrument balance. That can come in handy if you move around while playing.

Another reason why I recommend using a uke strap is so that you can interact with people, play other instruments, or sing without having to worry about your uke.

Furthermore, having a uke strapped to you means that there’s no chance of accidentally dropping it.

How Many Types of Straps Are There?

In the world of uke straps, there are just two basic types. The two designs aren’t necessarily different on a structural level. It’s more about the length and the accessories the straps come with that determine how you’ll use them.

The clip-on strap is immensely popular. These straps don’t feature leather heads with buttonholes. Instead, they feature clip-on attachments that can go on both the headstock and the soundhole or just the soundhole. If it’s the latter, then you can tie the top end of the strap around the headstock instead of clipping.

The other uke strap design takes a page out of a guitar strap’s playbook. It has one or two buttonholes so that you can strap your uke just like a guitar. That said, some straps only require the bottom end to be fitted around a button while allowing you to tie, clip, or wrap it around the headstock.

Materials Used

No matter how hard you look and what price ranges you’re scouring for uke straps, there’s not a lot of variety when it comes to materials. Genuine leather is the predominant material. Manufacturers use it for the belt itself and the heads.

Cotton, nylon, or a combination of the two can be used for the belt to provide extra comfort to the user.

Ukulele Straps are Cheap Investments

Buying a uke strap doesn’t require too much in-depth knowledge or a lot of cash. On top of that, many strap manufacturers also throw in other useful accessories. You can expect to get higher quality strap buttons, paracord laces, or picks.

Any uke strap on this list can help you play more comfortably. You only need to decide on the color patterns you like the most and whether you’re willing to make modifications to your instrument.

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