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Best Fretless Bass Guitars That Will Add Some Groove to Your Lines

In addition to their sleek elegant design, fretless basses give you much more freedom, as they allow you to make sweet slide transitions and explore notes outside of the traditional Western Standard range.  More than that, playing a fretless bass can help you greatly improve your skills – just look at some bass greats like […]

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5 Best Jazz Bass Pickups to Nail Those Groovy Bass Lines

Initially marketed specifically for Jazz, the Jazz bass has since become one of the most versatile instruments, shaping the sound of many famous bass players in the past couple of decades. Some of the most famous bassists of all time like Flea and John Paul Jones swear by their Jazz basses. The most important contributors […]

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The Best Bass Octave Pedals to Add to Your Pedalboard

If you’re looking for an effect to give your bass some color to make it stand out in the audio mix, an octave pedal may be the best choice. These effects allow you to explore new sounds by adding some distortion and highlighting your solos, making them perfect for genres like hard rock, alternative rock, […]

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