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Guitar Chord Progressions 101 – A Beginners’ Guide

As guitar players, some of the first things we ever learn in our playing career are the parts of the guitar, the names of the strings, first couple of melodies, and so on. After that, we often learn our first chords and, subsequently, our first chord progressions. Playing through progressions seems like an impossible task […]

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Podcast Statistics (2019) – [Infographic]

0 shares Share0 Tweet0 Pin0As confirmed by Apple at WWDC 2018, there are now more than 550,000 active podcasts out there, and this number is rapidly growing! Based on numerous studies conducted by companies like Nielsen and Edison, we’ve put together this comprehensive post on podcast statistics, breaking down the key findings in an easily digestible […]

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Most Political Bands / Musicians from Each U.S. State [Map]

Share0 Tweet0Keeping in mind the present political climate in the country, I decided to explore some politically vocal bands and musicians. In the map below, I’ve included bands and musicians whose lyrics are the most politically-charged.(Click on the image to view it in full-resolution)The map also depicts the concentration of politically-charged bands in each state. […]

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20 Amazing Benefits of Listening to Music in the Gym

Enter pretty much any gym in the world, and you’ll see people hard at work, either trying to better their bodies, get into shape, cut off some excess weight or simply doing what they love. Whatever their individual goals and diet plans, there’s one thing that unites every gym-bound individual. Music. If you haven’t brought […]

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18 Outstanding Benefits of Listening to Classical Music

How often do you listen to classical music? If you’re like the majority, chances are that artists like Mozart and Beethoven aren’t your go-to choices when you load up Spotify, but have you ever considered the benefits that listening to classical music can bring into your life? “Benefits to listening to classical music?” – while this […]

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13 Impressive Ways Music Helps Reduce Stress

Nowadays, music has never been so accessible, with all kinds of genres and artists available at a few taps in a search bar. However, while music is so readily available, not many people realize the benefits that music can have on their lives, especially when it comes to stress. Stress has become an epidemic in […]

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25 ‘Note’worthy Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Let’s kick off by stating that there is a ton of benefits that playing a musical instrument provides. Whether you’re an adult or a child, learning how to play a musical instrument can transform your life, regardless of whether you’re practicing as a hobby or because you want to choose music as your career.Perhaps you already […]

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22 Compelling Benefits of Going to Live Music Concerts

Seeing your favorite band, artist or DJ is such a life-changing and exhilarating experience. It’s one thing to be sitting at home listening to a Spotify compilation or watching their videos on TV or on YouTube, but being in the crowd, packed out in a stadium, or detached from the real world on an underground […]

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21 Ways Music Makes You More Productive at Work

Listening to music has been an important part of our global culture for decades. It’s been known to make us laugh, to make us cry and can make us feel just about any kind of emotion you care to name. However, have you ever thought about how listening to music while you work can improve your motivation, […]

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