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How to Promote Your Music & Market It Online in 2020

A lot of people in the industry still rely on selling physical copies of their albums to make a living. Many up and coming musicians work tirelessly to get noticed by record labels and get that record deal of a lifetime and a chance at a better life. That said, these days, it’s a bit […]

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How to Become a Singer & Get Famous Afterwards

There’s no real recipe for success in any field other than being consistent, good at your job, and having a decent amount of luck too. It’s impossible to plan out your path towards success, especially in the music business, due to how often trends, moods, and styles change. That said, there are things you can […]

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Drum Stick Sizes, Tips & More – A Beginner’s Guide

Picking drum sticks may seem like the easiest thing to do to an amateur. In reality, there are so many choices and so much confusing information regarding descriptions that it can be somewhat hard to buy your first drum sticks or even replacement sticks. Here’s some general information that should help you find a better […]

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Best Ways to Learn Guitar on Your Own or With a Bit of Help

Perhaps you’ve reached that age when you realize that knowing how to play an instrument, especially one as versatile as the guitar, can come in handy. So, you’ve been looking at various ways to learn how to play the guitar on your own. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. If you have the determination, there’s […]

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Guitar Chord Progressions 101 – A Beginners’ Guide

As guitar players, some of the first things we ever learn in our playing career are the parts of the guitar, the names of the strings, first couple of melodies, and so on. After that, we often learn our first chords and, subsequently, our first chord progressions. Playing through progressions seems like an impossible task […]

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