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Best Cajons in 2019 – Drum Boxes for Versatile Musicians

Cajons, or cajon drums, or percussion boxes, are very old instruments. They are considered important instruments and significant to the development of the Afro-Peruvian culture.  Although modern cajons have evolved, and the tonal profiles are somewhat complex, there’s still something very austere about the way they sound.Top 3 – CajonsPreviewProductPricePyle PCJD18 Jam Cajon Check Price […]

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5 Best Hi-Hat Stands for that Perfect Groove

The hi-hat stand is an essential part of every drum kit, as it supports arguably the most important cymbals. Aside from support, the stand also largely influences the tone you get from the hi-hat. It is, therefore, very important to equip your drum kit with a quality stand.Top 3 – Hi Hat StandsPreviewProductPricePearl H930 Demonator […]

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5 Best Drum Brushes for that Impeccable Groove

Brushes are the most commonly used alternative to the ubiquitous wooden drum sticks. They are most commonly found in jazz, blues, country, and pop music settings. They offer a softer and quieter tone than drum sticks and are a great way for a drummer to expand their horizons.Top 3 – Drum BrushesPreviewProductPriceVic Firth Steve Gadd […]

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5 Best Cymbal Cleaners to Make Them Shine Again

A clean and well-maintained drum kit is the first sign of a serious and dedicated drummer. While it doesn’t need daily cleaning, it is highly recommendable to clean it in regular intervals.  This goes twice for the cymbals, as their tone and performance depend heavily on the care they receive. In this article, we’ll take a […]

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7 Best Headphones for Electronic Drums – Practice All the Time

A lot of drummers think that buying the best headphones for electronic drums means spending a fortune on some premium pair from a top-rated headphone manufacturer. Others seem content with just about anything as long as it doesn’t squeeze their heads after wearing them over an hour. Truth be told, shopping for headphones requires some understanding of […]

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Best Drumming Shoes in 2019 – Do They Make You a Better Drummer?

Drumming shoes, regular shoes, socks, boots, high heels, and the list could go on. Drummers throughout the years have intrigued fans with their choices of footwear. However, just because some of them looked super cool in their shoes doesn’t mean playing the drum in outrageous footwear is optimal.Top 3 – Shoes for DrummersPreviewProductPriceConverse Chuck Taylor All […]

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