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Best Jazz Ride Cymbals – Give Those Jazz Tunes Some Color

There aren’t many instruments that have had such an impact on jazz music, and jazz ride cymbals are arguably one of the most distinctive sounds of the 60’s era. They have played an important role in the history of the instrument and they can greatly impact the overall sound of your kit.But, if you’re looking […]

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Best Double Bass Pedals in 2018 – Hit That Perfect Groove

One of the secrets to being a great musician is finding the right gear. Drummers probably have the toughest job as, on top of all the complex equipment, there’s also a lot of tweaking and fine-tuning involved. And if you’re a fast drummer, you also need a good bass pedal to create well-arranged breakdowns and […]

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Best Overhead Drum Mics to Capture Your Playing Perfectly

For those of us who still prefer the organic sound of acoustic drums, rather than MPCs and electronic drums, finding the right equipment to record them can be quite a challenge. Your microphones need to be able to sustain high decibel levels over a long period, as well as capture all the various sounds from […]

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