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5 Best Locking Tuners to Keep Your Guitar Always in Tune

Traditional tuners can keep your instrument in tune but their abilities are somewhat limited. Everyday wear and tear can cause your guitar to keep getting out of tune. Not to mention the influence of different temperature conditions.Top 3 – Locking TunersPreviewProductPriceGrover 502C Roto-Grip Check Price Sperzel 6 In-Line Locking Tuners Check Price Fender Locking Tuners […]

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6 Best Acoustic Simulator Pedals for Achieving Clean Sounds

An acoustic tone can really break up a full electric set. But lugging around two guitars isn’t always an option, especially when playing on smaller stages or when you have limited room in the car. That’s where an acoustic simulator pedal can help.PreviewProductPriceBoss AC-3 Check Price Hotone TPSWOOD Check Price Mooer MAC1 Akoustikar Check Price These […]

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Best Headphones for Guitar Amps – Play Anytime You Want

Plugging your guitar into an amp, turning the volume up, and belting out your favorite tune – it’s the definition of good times for most guitar players. But your neighbors and roommates might not find it so enjoyable, especially late at night. To keep on rocking, you will need a good pair of headphones.Quick LookPreviewProductPriceAudio-Technica […]

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