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Best Studio Headphones for Recording, Mixing & Music Production

When it comes to recording and mixing, nothing beats a pair of high-end studio monitors. But they are pretty expensive. Also, they can get very noisy which is not a desirable feature for home studios. However, there is an alternative – enter studio headphones.Top 3 – Studio HeadphonesPreviewProductPriceSony MDR-7506 Check Price Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro […]

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Best Planar Magnetic Headphones for an Immersive Hi-Fi Experience

Hardcore audiophiles can appreciate the benefits of planar magnetic headphones. A thin lightning fast diaphragm moving between two magnets delivers a sound quality that few other headphones can match. But these planar headphones, as any other audio gear, come with their fair share of downsides as well. They all have different features and the prices can […]

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6 Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming in 2019 – Any Good?

Before manufacturers started making gaming-oriented peripherals, most of us, myself included, used regular headphones when we wanted to play our favorite games.Although there are many more options on the market now, some of the best open back headphones for gaming are still mainstream headphones which emphasize sound quality over gaming-inspired visual designs.Top 3 – Open […]

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7 Best Headphones for Electronic Drums – Practice All the Time

A lot of drummers think that buying the best headphones for electronic drums means spending a fortune on some premium pair from a top-rated headphone manufacturer. Others seem content with just about anything as long as it doesn’t squeeze their heads after wearing them over an hour. Truth be told, shopping for headphones requires some understanding of […]

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6 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones – Top Models Under $100

In a world where everything seems to make some noise, silence is a very precious luxury. This is why we’ve seen a recent explosion of various new maker and models of noise cancelling headphones on the market. These headphones used to be a smart choice for those who travel by plane or public transportation, but nowadays […]

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Best Bass Headphones Under $100 – Superb Sound in a Budget

Audiophiles are always on the lookout for affordable headphones. If you are into jazz, rock, classical music, or techno, a pair of quality headphones should be one of the essentials that complete your listening experience.  All of us who are into audio gear, care about headphone drivers, noise-reduction features, design, and the overall comfort when we […]

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