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JamPlay Review (2020) – Effective for Learning Guitar?

If you ever thought about picking up a guitar and learning a few songs to impress the opposite sex, you should know that that’s been done before. In fact, your grandparents probably did that and their parents too before them. As technology progressed and instruments became more available to the masses, simply learning some cheesy licks […]

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Fender Play Review (2020) – Can It Help You Shred?

Learning a musical instrument these days may almost seem like a piece of cake. Is it because there are so many instructors or talented individuals who are eager to share their knowledge? Though this might have something to do with it, it’s mostly because of the new possibilities introduced by the internet.Limited-time Deal! Get Fender Play […]

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7 Best Online Ukulele Lessons in 2020 for Uke Enthusiasts

As with any string instrument, learning to play the ukulele takes time. It may take even more time if you have no previous experience with a guitar or another relevant string instrument. If you’re struggling to learn this instrument, you don’t have to look any further than this post featuring the best online ukulele lessons.Top 3 […]

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Best Online Piano Lessons in 2020 for Enthusiasts of All Ages

Learning how to play the piano online is a lot easier these days. Once you find the best online piano lessons for you with a charismatic instructor, your skills and drive to learn will increase on a daily basis.Top 3 – Online Piano LessonsPlatformPriceBest FeatureFree Trial?$9.99 / monthReal-time feedbackEight free lessons at sign-up$17.99 / monthLearn […]

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8 Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2020 – Premium & Free Options

The first online guitar tuition sites which started back in the early 90s have evolved with the internet. Nowadays, online guitar lesson sites offer engaging interactive courses and lessons, huge communities, mobile apps, and many other additions that help with the learning process.Top 3 – Online Guitar LessonsPlatformPriceBest FeatureFree Trial?$19.99700+ popular songs14 days$19.95Lessons from high […]

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