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8 Best Turntable Speakers for Vinyl in 2019

Do you scour garage sales and flea markets for vintage vinyl? Or, maybe you are part of the hip crowd that buys brand new remastered albums? Whatever your reasons are, your perfect playback depends on great speakers.Top 3 – Turntable Speakers for VinylPreviewProductPriceEdifier R1280T Check Price Polk Audio T15 Check Price Micca MB42 Check Price Building your […]

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Best Portable Radios (FM & AM) in 2019 to Rock Out to

In recent times we’ve seen the rise of all sorts of music streaming services, and it seems that people don’t listen to radio anymore. But that simply isn’t the case.Some still do simply because they are nostalgic and it’s in their nature to not let go of little rituals like listening to radio. Other people […]

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