If you want to contact us, simply send us an email at: gavin [at] musicoomph [dot] com

You can get in touch regarding...

  • Feedback / suggestions about the site
  • Advertising opportunities & collaborations
  • Getting your product reviewed
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    Writing a piece for Music Oomph
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    Anything else...

As you can probably guess, Music Oomph isn't owned by a big corporation with an endless pool of staff writers. We are passionate music lovers just like you, and we prefer to write on topics that can justify harnessing our years of experience as musicians and audio enthusiasts to produce a great read on the topic.

Music Oomph is rapidly growing, and currently reaches around 60,000 music lovers per month, with the majority of them hailing from the US, UK and Canada. We're lucky to have a very engaged audience, who spend an average of more than 5 minutes per visit on the site.

Here's what we don't accept...

  • Articles promoting a service/brand masquerading as 'guest posts'
  • Monetary compensation for publishing a favorable review
  • Anything else that'll need us to compromise with our editorial integrity

Advertising on Music Oomph

We offer several options including but not limited to – contextual ads, banners and other forms of display ads. Get in touch if you're interested, or have any questions.

Please note that we won't be accepting any ads that are misleading or aren't in the best interest of our readers. All ads and sponsorships will be marked appropriately as such.

Writing for Music Oomph

If you're interested in contributing an article, please keep in mind that we're extremely picky about the content that we publish on Music Oomph, and that has resulted in us publishing only a couple of posts so far which were written by external contributors. We'll also publish your piece only if you have first-hand experience with the topic that you're covering.

With that being said, if you're a passionate musician, sound engineer, music producer, DJ, audiophile, headphone junky, soundproofing geek, home audio maven, or anything similar, you're more than welcome to pitch us an idea or a draft.

Right now, we're giving extra preference to the following topics:

  • Music production – home studio setup, soundproofing, mixing and mastering, etc.
  • Instruments – in-depth articles on guitar playing, drumming, playing the keyboard, etc. – and also interesting fact-based articles on the instruments and playing them (pro tips, different use cases, etc.)
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    Equipment & accessories – chaining pedals, ins and outs of drum heads, amp settings, using pop filters, etc.
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    Headphones and speakers – over-ear headphones, studio monitors, tower speakers, etc.
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    Musician/Band life – how to get gigs, promote music, touring tips etc.

Please also note that we're unable to pay for external contributions at this time, no matter how awesome they are. So, if you were looking for a paid opportunity, this is not for you, unfortunately. However, if exposure is what you're after, feel free to write something epic for us!

Here's how to ensure that your writing gets approved...

  • Make sure what you're writing about isn't already covered extensively by 237 existing articles on the web.
  • Avoid technical jargon as much as possible and write in a simple tone in first person.
  • Include (copyright-free) imagery, wherever necessary and possible.
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    If you cite external studies/research/data, please include links to your references.
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    Do not copy any part, not even a single sentence, from elsewhere. We take plagiarism very seriously, and also possess Eagle eyes for detecting it.


If you want to collaborate in any way, and we feel it's indeed a win-win proposal for our site, send us a quick email and we'll take it from there if we're interested.

If you are a manufacturer/brand and want us to feature or recommend your products to our readers, please know that we'll need to test your product first. For that, you need to ship the review unit to us and bear all shipping costs involved. But, that does not guarantee a favorable review or feature on our site, and it's totally up to our own discretion whether to feature/include/recommend your product on any of our pieces or not.

We won't accept financial incentives (i.e. bribes) for recommending sub-par products to our readers, as it's highly unethical and we have a grudge against the sites that do it.

Seeking Advice

We've covered a ton of musical equipment and accessories here on Music Oomph, so if you're seeking recommendations about something that's already covered by us, please post your question as a comment below that specific post, instead of sending us an email about it. For stuff that we're yet to cover, we can't guarantee a response to questions regarding them, although we'll try our best.

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