DiMarzio Super Distortion Review – DP100 is Fat & Huge!

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Before the original Super Distortion was introduced in the early seventies, replacement pickups simply didn’t exist. DiMarzio started a revolution, and the popularity of these huge-sounding pickups has continued ever since.

Designed to overdrive tube amplifiers instantaneously, the Super Distortion adds the perfect amount of saturation to an electric guitar’s clean tone.

In this review, we’ll delve into the unique characteristics of this unique pickup.

DiMarzio Super Distortion – Overview

The first edition of the Super Distortion pickup, which was known as the “Dual Sound”, was a 1-conductor pickup. This new and improved version has 4 conductors, which broadens its capabilities.

DiMarzio has utilized a technique called parallel splitting when designing the Super Distortion, which is similar to the coil-splitting that resulted in the highly sought-after Strat tone.

As far as bridge pickups go, the Super Distortion is certainly a leader in the field. With over thirty years of production, DiMarzio has perfected the design and refined the tone of this device.


  • Drives an electric guitar into warm saturation
  • Suitable for many styles of playing, including blues, rock, and heavy rock
  • Primarily a bridge pickup but can also be used in the neck position
  • Ideal for solid-body guitars



The high-output design of the DiMarzio Super Distortion makes it the perfect bridge pickup for pushing your tube amplifier into the territory of warm break-ups.

In the low-end, the DiMarzio creates a tight and responsive tone. The bulk of its effect is felt in the mid and high tones, where the signal is heated up to the point of saturation.

The pickup responds to your playing velocity. When the time comes to dig in and play with power, the distorted tone becomes more prominent. Playing softer results in a less intense overdrive to color the clean sound.

High Output

Where the Dimarzio Super Distortion excels, is in its ability to add warm overtones to your chords. Indeed, it sounds great when shredding a solo or blasting out a powerful riff, but the character it injects into your rhythm guitar playing is invaluable.

Many pickups claim to be “high output” but very few deliver to the level of the Super Distortion. And the great thing is, you can control the amount of heat through the intensity of your playing and the tone settings on your guitar.

Pedal Compatibility

Many metal and hard rock guitarists choose the Super Distortion pickup to take their tone to the next level.

Used on its own, the pickup perhaps doesn’t offer the required saturation and grit for particularly heavy styles like metal. However, when it is combined with a compressor pedal and a distortion pedal, the power is incredible.

Additionally, if you use the pickup in the neck position with a low-gain amplifier, you get a completely different result. The mids are much more prominent and the overall tone is less sharp.


DiMarzio’s Super Distortion provides guitarists with additional warmth required to cut through the mix. If your guitar is lacking energy, this pickup might be the perfect remedy!

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