Eminence Texas Heat Review – Enough Heat for Your Guitar Amp?

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Replacing your guitar amp’s speaker is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. The speaker plays a pivotal role in the overall shaping of your amplifier’s sound, dynamics, and ultimately, your guitar's tone.

The Eminence Texas Heat has gained a reputation for being one of the best 150-watt amp speakers on the market, but is the hype justified?

In this detailed review, I’ll look at the various attributes and qualities of the Texas Heat 12 inch speaker, so that you can determine whether it’s the right choice for your needs.

Eminence Texas Heat– Overview

The Eminence Texas Heat is a 12-inch guitar amp speaker, operating with 150w of power, and including a 38oz magnet.

It’s designed to interact with your amplifier to create warm and fat tones, with plenty of top-end bite and a midrange that resembles the classic British amplifier sound. It’s ideal for genres like rock, blues, and country.


  • Warm and thick-sounding tone
  • Classic “British Invasion” mid-range
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Highly compatible with overdrive pedals


  • When used at particularly high volumes, the tone becomes a little harsh


Let’s start by assessing the most important aspect of any guitar amp speaker – its tone. The Texas Heat, as the name suggests, is designed to increase the warmth of your amplifier.

It managed to hit the sweet spot located between full-blown distortion, and ear-friendly saturation.

The wide range of smooth tones is greeted by a distinctive top-end bite, which is ideal for playing powerful riffs or cutting through the mix with a guitar solo.

Across the frequency range, the Eminence Texas Heat is rich in character and well-rounded. Single-notes sound defined and clear. Increasing the velocity of your playing leads to warm break-ups which have a slight British-style quality to them.

In the low-end, the speaker sounds chunky. This quality makes it ideal for playing stomping blues riffs, and if you like to play in Drop-D tuning, you’ll love the rich sound of the bass frequencies.

The midrange is where most of the speaker’s aggression lies. The only downside is that chords can become a little muddy in this frequency range, but that’s easily solvable by tweaking the tone controls on your amp and guitar.

Overall, the sound of the Texas Heat speaker is brimming with character. Highly responsive and accurate, it allows you to control the heat based on how hard you’re digging into the strings when playing.

Build Quality & Specs

To understand how the Texas Heat produces its distinctive sound, we need to take a look at the various components it consists of. Firstly, the 12-inch speaker is large enough for almost any setting.

Boasting 150 watts of power, the speaker is equally suited to perfecting your guitar parts in the rehearsal room as it is blasting out high volumes in a large gig venue.

It can slot into any amplifier that facilitates a 12-inch speaker, whether it has an open or closed-back design. It weighs only 8.3 lbs. and therefore, won’t make your amplifier significantly heavier upon installation.

The frequency response of the speaker is extensive, ranging from 70-Hz-5kHz. This accommodates all of the prominent frequencies of an electric guitar, so you won’t lose any power in the bass or treble sections.

Assembled and designed in the USA, the Texas Heat has been configured by a team of expert engineers. They use high-quality materials and components to ensure that the speaker is robust and reliable.

Pedal Compatibility

Another standout quality of the Texas Heat is its ability to interact with effects pedals, particularly those that increase gain. Overdrive pedals merge very well with the bright, energetic tone of the speaker.

This is where the “Texas” aspect of the pedal is evident. Combined with a Blues Driver or similar style of overdrive pedal, the thick-low end gain even more power, and the mid-tones begin to break up nicely.

If you want to push the speaker into saturation, using a high-gain distortion or fuzz pedal will considerably turn up the heat. This Eminence speaker can handle a fair amount of additional gain, making it a great choice for high-output styles.

Suitable Styles & Genres

Eminence designed the Texas Heat for rock, blues, country, and heavy rock styles. It’s a versatile speaker that will perform to a high level in any of these genres.

If you play jazz or R n’ B, you can still get a smooth sound out of the Texas Heat by simply adjusting the gain settings on your amp and performing some EQ balancing to achieve the ideal tone.


The Eminence Texas Heat lives up to its name, producing a crisp and well-rounded tone across the guitar’s frequency response. It provides a good mixture of power and control, making it a great replacement for your existing 12-inch speaker.

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