Godin A6 Ultra Review (2022) – Mind Blowing Versatility!

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Established in 1972, Godin is a world-renowned Canadian instrument manufacturer, producing a range of high-end guitars and basses.

The A6 Ultra is a unique semi-hollow body model, with a distinguished aesthetic design. Built from premium-quality materials, this guitar is highly playable and produces a rich array of tones that are suitable for multiple musical genres.

The standout quality of the A6 Ultra is its ability to combine traditional acoustic and warm electric tones. It has several onboard controls which allow you to tweak the sound to suit your style of playing.

Godin A6 Ultra - Overview

The guitar comes with the following components:

  • Solid Cedar Top
  • Chambered Silver Leaf Maple Back & Sides
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Richlite Fretboard
  • 5” Scale Length
  • GHN1 Humucker& Piezo Bridge Pickups
  • Acoustic and electric guitar tones
  • Easy access to upper frets
  • High-quality tonewood combination
  • An array of onboard control
  • Slim, unique design may polarize opinions

Build Quality

Godin’s reputation as a producer of premium quality instruments is largely a result of their choice of materials. When constructing the A6 Ultra, they employed several tonewoods to enhance durability, playing comfort, and sound.

The single-cutaway body features a solid cedar top. This is joined to chambered silver leaf maple back and sides, a combination that promotes resonance without adding too much weight to the instrument.

Mahogany was used for the set neck. This wood is known for its smoothness underhand. Moreover, it solidly reinforces the neck, ensuring longevity and minimizing the risk of warping or movement over time.

The neck is shaped in the signature Godin style. It provides a solid foundation for the 22-fret richlite fingerboard, with a scale length spanning 25.5 inches. The same material is used for the bridge, completing the stable construction of the A6 Ultra.


The tone of the Godin A6 Ultra is highly versatile and suitable for a range of different musical styles. This is largely down to the blend of acoustic and electric qualities the guitar boasts.

Plugging the A6 Ultra into an amplifier will instantly provide access to authentic acoustic tones.

However, the guitar’s tone far exceeds that of a stereotypical electro-acoustic instrument. Thanks to the installation of the GNH1 pickup, you can instantly add a thick humbucking bite to the output.

The custom Godin under-saddle transducer and preamp combination provides you with flexibility. For chord-based playing, you can keep the tone relatively clean and subdued.

When the time is right, the A6 Ultra’s onboard controls can be ramped up to create the perfect amount of heat for soloing or playing powerful riffs.

Another quality of the A6 Ultra is that even when it is unplugged, the semi-hollow body design produces an impressive volume. This is great for rehearsing in a setting where perhaps using an amplifier is not possible due to space or sound limitations.


The A6 Ultra sounds great, but it’s also exceptionally playable. This is due to the shape and design of the guitar’s body, the pristine feel of the high-quality tonewoods, and its reduced weight.

Semi-hollow body guitars are sometimes a little bulky, which reduces the access to certain frets and can accelerate the drain on a player’s stamina. The A6 Ultra is refreshingly mobile and comfortable to play both sitting and standing.

Mahogany necks are renowned for their smooth feel and inviting texture. Combined with the richlite fingerboard, this material creates the perfect environment for your fretting hand to glide around the frets.

Classical guitar players who use complex chord shapes and fast, intricate techniques will enjoy the effortless feel of the A6 Ultra’s fingerboard.

If you’re more inclined to hook up your electric guitar to a fuzz pedal and shred out a blazing solo, this Godin semi-hollow body will facilitate those energetic styles of playing. It’s essentially a hybrid that can do whatever you ask of it!


Although Godin is perhaps not as well known as they deserve to be, they have a rich history in the field of guitar manufacturing which spans almost 50 years.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Godin also produces high-end bass guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, and ouds. Their electric guitars have a reputation for being meticulously designed.

At the heart of the A6 Ultra and their other premium guitars are classic craftsmanship, employing tried and tested vintage techniques combined with modern features.

In recent years, Godin has also invested a lot of time and effort into perfecting their original pickups. The GNH1 humbuckers installed on the A6 Ultra are a prime example of their growing expertise regarding onboard electronics.


The Godin A6 Ultra is a wonderful semi-hollow body guitar that is suitable for all types of guitarists. You can use it to create warm, amplified acoustic tones, or engage the powerful humbucking pickups for more energetic playing styles.

One of my favorite things about this guitar is its instantly recognizable design. The combination of tonewoods, the layout of the controls, and the distinguished finish accumulate to create a unique and classy instrument.

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