8 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers – Portable Yet Powerful

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What’s the best alternative to taking your home theater system out of your living room or keeping the windows open to listen to some tunes when you’re hanging outside? Getting the loudest Bluetooth speakers, of course.

You can get them for home use, for camping, to annoy your neighbors during a blackout, you name it. There’s nothing to suggest anymore that compact portable speakers can’t raise the hair on the back of your neck without losing precious details from your favorite songs.

8 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers for Any Occasion

You can leave it to JBL to provide you with its signature sound at high volumes, even in a transport-friendly package. The JBL PartyBox 300 is a seriously powerful device, ideal for outdoor patio parties, impromptu karaoke sessions, and a wide range of music genres.

If Bluetooth streaming is not the only thing you’re after, then you might also appreciate the lighting effects. Perhaps a bit cheesy, but loads of fun once you get used to the idea, or if you’re looking to recreate the 80s or 90s vibe.

The PartyBox 300 comes with both mic and guitar inputs. Its frequency response range is 45Hz to 20kHz. Sure, it may not be the best speaker to plug in your electric guitar, but it can give you enough clarity and volume to jam with your electro-acoustic.

In terms of specifications, the PartyBox 300 features two 6.5” woofers and three 2.25” tweeters that create an open yet immersive audio experience.

  • Superior wireless connection reliability
  • Microphone and guitar inputs
  • Individual channel volume controls
  • Built-in lighting effects
  • Lacks some bass definition

The Marshall Kilburn II speaker is perhaps the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker for musicians. Apart from having an authentic Marshal guitar amp design, it comes with a good battery, multi-directional sound, and almost impeccable sound quality. It also features Bluetooth 5.0 technology for superior streaming stability.

This speaker features an improved grill compared to its predecessor and also multi-host functionality. That means that you can switch between two connected devices. With a range of up to 30ft, you can take this speaker with you pretty much anywhere, as long as the weather is decent.

Unlike many other Bluetooth speakers, the Kilburn II only has an IPX2 rating, which doesn’t make it highly resistant to sand, rain, snow, and mud. But, it also means that it won’t immediately break down if bad weather catches you by surprise.

  • Wide frequency response range
  • Up to 20 hours autonomy
  • Classic Marshall guitar amp design
  • Improved corner caps and grill
  • Not the most ruggedly built speaker

Can you get the signature JBL sound for cheap? Yes, you can, and you can even get it from a portable Bluetooth speaker. The JBL Flip 5 is one of the company’s most popular go-anywhere speakers due to its lightweight construction, color variety, IPX7 waterproofing, and impressive volume.

If loudness is your main objective, all you have to do is let the JBL Party Boost feature work its magic as it elevates your playlist to new heights. Just be wary of noise complaints.

The battery on the Flip 5 should last up to 12 hours in full beefed-up mode. That’s more than I can say about many other portable speakers, even with a higher premium.

Although it looks like your basic cylindrical speaker, the Flip 5 has wide flat lines, one that supports the controls and one for extra stability. I wouldn’t worry about it rolling away into the pool.

Another improvement over its predecessor is that the driver increased in size from 40 to 44mm. Also, the output got a boost to 20W. It may not seem like much on paper, but it’s the lack of compromise to audio clarity that makes the Flip 5 a winner in many people’s eyes.

  • 44mm large drivers
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • Connectivity up to 100ft.
  • Speaker pairing enabled
  • Can’t take calls on it

For a 30W Bluetooth speaker, the Anker Soundcore Motion+ sure sounds much better than expected. It’s also quite affordable and remarkably durable, given that it’s rated as IPX7 waterproof. Its casing is ideal for pool parties, beach parties, and fishing trips – if anyone enjoys fishing to loud beats and watching the catch leave the area.

The Soundcore Motion+ comes with a decent 700mAh battery, which can give you up to 12 hours of playtime at medium to high volume levels. Although capable of putting out some loud audio, the battery can’t last long when pushing the speaker to its limit.

The speaker has a bit of depth to it too. Even though the frequency response range of 50Hz to 40kHz may not seem like much for bass heads, this is more than enough for preserving and reproducing song details.

Besides, with the use of something called BassUp technology, which is unique to Anker, this little portable speaker that could, also benefits from low-frequency enhancement. However, that still doesn’t make it a bass head speaker, but with its real-time calibration and customizable EQ, it’s close enough.

  • Customizable EQ
  • Compact and IPX7 waterproof
  • Enhanced bass technology
  • Qualcomm aptX codec
  • The battery could last longer

The Beats Pill+ is an affordable and very capable portable Bluetooth speaker. It has a refreshing compact design and comes with a battery that lasts up to 12 hours, even when using the speaker at higher volume levels.

When it comes to audio clarity, let's say that the Pill+ comes with an enhanced speakerphone feature. If this doesn’t improve the vocal midrange and eliminates distortion, then few things will.

I recommend the Pill+ for backyard barbeques, camping trips, picnics, and other small outdoor gatherings of the sorts.

The speaker also features a two-way crossover system.  That further improves the audio quality even at higher volume levels because the tweeter and woofer are separated. It’s a feature you’ll always find in professional studio equipment.

Although it’s not the newest Beats Bluetooth speaker on the market, it is a model that stood the test of time.

  • 2-way crossover system
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Impressive volume and clarity
  • Compact design
  • Average build durability

The Aiwa Exos-9 can also be called a small home stereo system. It boasts five drivers and 200W of power, which more than compensate for its shorter battery life. The dual voice coil subwoofer is responsible not just for the stereo sound but also for the deep bass and balanced mids.

What sets the Exos-9 apart, besides being on the larger side of portable Bluetooth speakers, is the distortion-free audio at high volume levels. You can crank the volume knob all the way up, and you’ll still hear very good note definition, crisp treble, and balanced mids.

Whether you want it for camping, on the beach, when grilling, or upstairs if you don’t have a stereo system installed yet, the Exos-9 can provide entertainment and invite noise complaints too when used without regard for neighbors.

You may also appreciate the ability to EQ all your songs by hand or by using one of the four built-in presets.

  • Suitable for any genre
  • Very loud
  • Distortion-free sound
  • Customizable EQ
  • Large and heavy for a portable Bluetooth speaker

If you already own a Klipsch home theatre system, the chances are that you’re already in love with the brand and its signature sound. Bet you didn’t know you can take that sound with you on the road with the Klipsch Groove portable speaker?

This speaker is medium-sized and comes with just eight hours of playtime. However, it’s splash resistant and produces clear, crisp audio that will lend itself to any genre you want to play.

The Klipsch Groove has a decent Bluetooth range as well as a manual control interface. What I like the most about this speaker is the small panel strip, which lights up whenever the corresponding button is pressed or active. It’s perfect for camping trips or blackout parties.

In terms of sound, it’s signature Klipsch if you’re not cranking up the volume to max. With EQ missing from the picture, the speaker offers clear mids, crisp highs, and just enough bass definition to provide a richness and warmth to the sound, without making it too bass-heavy.

  • Stable and durable build
  • Signature Klipsch sound
  • Control interface lighting
  • Little to no distortion
  • No equalizer

If you’re looking for 360 degrees sound, the Fugoo Style XL speaker is an interesting choice. It’s perhaps best suited for those that can’t stand to be a minute away from their smartphones and virtual assistants because this speaker is optimized for both Siri and Google Now.

The speaker itself is ruggedly built and features IP67 waterproofing, which is nothing to scoff at if you have some bad weather. The device also features a built-in power bank, and can act like one, and also boasts a 35 hours runtime.

This kind of autonomy, combined with a 97db sound pressure level, makes for a very reliable Bluetooth speaker. On the inside, you’ll find four tweeters, two passive radiators, and two sub drivers that are calibrated to enhance the low end and vocal midrange.

It’s hard to think of a genre that the Style XL can’t handle. After all, it can produce very deep lows, enough to please most bass heads under the circumstances, as well as very clean mids and pristine highs.

  • 360 degrees sound
  • High sound pressure level rating
  • IP68 waterproofing
  • Can be used as a power bank
  • Better coverage in open spaces but less volume

How Far Can You Push Bluetooth Speakers?

If you haven’t used one before, know that you can get more decibels out of some Bluetooth speakers than your average PC speakers. And I’m referring to portable speakers here too, by the way.

However, there are some considerations. Because portable Bluetooth speakers are designed for maximum mobility, there are some compromises. First of all, they’re not as loaded with high-end codecs and tech on the inside.

That means that when cranked up to max volume levels, most of them will show at least some signs of distortion. Especially when used in open spaces. Also, keep in mind that wind may also interfere.

So what’s a good power rating? That’s up to you to decide. You should know if 20W, 30W, or 50W are enough or not even close to what you want and need. Just remember not to discount some of the less “powerful” speakers.

Some of them are designed for speaker pairing. That way, you can double or even triple their output.

The Importance of Build Quality

If you’re just here to see how much loudness you can get from the smallest Bluetooth speakers and nothing else, you may want to skip this section. With that said, if you’re interested in overall device quality too and planning to make an investment that will last, build quality is something to always keep an eye on.

You’ll notice that most bookshelf speakers and PC speakers, whether Bluetooth or not, don’t tend to list waterproofing ratings. That’s because very few of them are designed for unprotected outdoor use.

When it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, manufacturers expect you to use them in rough conditions or just outside in general. As such, some Bluetooth speakers that are IP67 or higher, are ideal to use when camping, when it rains, at the pool, on the beach, and so on.

Ratings lower than this should have you exercise more caution when taking the speakers out. If the casing is not good enough, you’ll be surprised how quickly dirt, sand, water, and grime can get in and damage the speaker. If you’re not careful, your Bluetooth speaker can get ruined the first time you take it out.

Quick tip – Keep in mind that water damage may not always be covered by the warranty.

How Important Is Bluetooth Range?

To me, the range is not very important. After all, you can’t always bank on the connection range and max audio clarity range to be equal. But, I do want to be at least comfortable when using my portable Bluetooth speaker.

That’s why I recommend a range of 30ft as the minimum acceptable rating. You should also keep in mind that these ranges are not always true. For example, even a speaker rated at 30ft can start showing signs of signal loss at around 27-30ft and not necessarily after going outside its radius. Therefore, always take the manufacturer’s range statement with a grain of salt.

Should You Pay Extra for an Equalizer and Other Perks?

It depends on how particular you are about the sound. Most portable Bluetooth speakers, even the majority listed in this article, won’t have anything more than a built-in factory preset. They won’t adapt to different genres, and they won’t allow you to make any modifications.

Now, if you’re more of an audiophile and less of a casual listener, then you might want to search for models with at least a two-band EQ. Of course, it would be even better to have a customizable EQ, and a few built-in presets to use as a baseline.

What other perks can you get with your Bluetooth speaker? As you’ve already seen, some speakers come with lighting. Whether they take the place of the traditional disco balls or illuminate the control interface when it’s dark, it depends from one model to the next, and it depends on you whether you think you need this feature or not.

I’d much rather pay a bit extra for a reliable carry handle or carry strap. Handles and straps may not always look cool or elegant, but they sure help with the mobility aspect.

Another thing to consider is inputs. Few speakers have more than a headphone jack at the back. For some extra money, you may be able to get at least a mic jack, if not a guitar jack or both. Just don’t expect to have much clarity with either when you’re hijacking the speaker.

Can Bluetooth Speakers Do Justice to Low Frequencies?

As you may have noticed, not many portable Bluetooth speakers have a frequency response range that caters to heavy bass music. However, many manufacturers use either codecs or unique woofers and cabinet designs, to enhance the lower register and add richness to the sound.

Enhanced bass is not something you should go out of your way to get in a portable Bluetooth speaker, though. That’s especially true if you’re planning on buying a 360-degree speaker. Those already tend to drop in volume and space out too much.

Additional bass could often deepen the sound more than you need for your favorite playlist.

Time to Step up Your Bluetooth Game

Whether for outdoor use or indoor use, Bluetooth speakers are starting to get louder and louder. Since all major manufacturers have skin in the game, it won’t be difficult to locate an optimal model for your needs from your favorite manufacturer.

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