PDP Concept Maple Review (2022) – Solid DW-Inspired Drum Set? 

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PDP drums are made by DW. They have a more streamlined production process that saves costs of making the drums. This means PDP drum kits have a lot of design elements that are inspired by DW drums, but mostly have a structure and build that is similar to intermediate-level kits.

The PDP Concept Maple is one of the main drum kits that PDP has on offer. It’s a great intermediate kit that both beginners and pros will appreciate. Let’s have a look at what makes it worth investing in.

PDP Concept Maple - Overview

The 5-piece shell pack comes with the drums in the following sizes:

  • 5.5” x 14” snare drum
  • 8” x 10” high tom
  • 9” x 12” middle tom
  • 14” x 16” floor tom
  • 18” x 22” kick drum

The only other part included with the shell pack is a rack tom mount that connects to the kick drum.

  • High quality drums at a very affordable price
  • Solid build quality
  • Many finishes to choose from
  • DW MAG throw-off system
  • Stock drumheads aren’t great

Build Quality

The PDP Concept Maple kit has a lot of design features that are used in high-end DW kits. The tension rods, tom mounting system, and snare wire control are all the sort of features that you’d expect from drum kits that cost a lot more.

The shells have True-Pitch tension rods that have fine threads. These tension rods make tuning really easy. This is great because tuning drums is something that a lot of drummers struggle with. An easily tuned drum kit is going to sound fantastic.

The rack toms mount onto the kick drum with an STM tom mount. This is a design from DW that holds the rack toms securely without cutting out any of their tone, allowing for a pure sound.

The toms and snare drum have graduated counterhoops which help the drums produce a solid attack and have a fair bit of sustain. The kick drum has low-mass claw hooks that look great and hold the batter and resonant heads firmly in place.

One of the best features of this whole kit is the MAG throw-off system on the snare drum. It has a magnet that turns the snare drum on and off. This makes turning off the snare wires a very smooth process. Otherwise, turning your snare wires off can be a mission. 

Sound Quality 

These drums have a 7-ply European Maple shell that gives them a warm and balanced sound. The sound quality is really good and will work well for a bunch of different musical settings.

The toms have a rich tone that is quite open and full of projection. The rack toms are resonant while the floor tom has a beefy low-end sound. The kick drum has a sharp punch that fills up the overall sound of the drums.

There’s a significant difference in pitch between each drum, allowing you to sound very musical when playing this kit. The drums sound best when tuned medium to low, working well in rock, gospel and metal settings. They sound a bit too harsh when tuned high, meaning this kit isn’t the best option for jazz.

The snare drum is crisp and highly responsive. It has a cracking rimshot and sounds great when rolled on. It has good articulation, allowing you to hear each distinct ghost note that is played.

As said before, it has the MAG-throw off system that makes it easy to turn the snare off. The snare sounds very warm when the snare wires aren’t touching the resonant head.

The stock drumheads that come with the drums aren’t great. They definitely limit the full sound potential of this kit. So, it would be a smart move to purchase some better drumheads if you get the PDP Concept Maple. 


The PDP Concept Maple kit has been around for quite a while. It has also gone through a few reinventions, with PDP changing some aspects of its design. This means that it comes in a bunch of different finish options.

Most of the finish options have one pure color to them, meaning there isn’t any mixture of colors. A few of the finishes have a sparkle that fades one color into another. These finishes all look super sleek and professional.

The round PDP badge on each drum looks great and is very similar to the badges on DW kits.

The toms that mount onto the kick drum gives this kit the impression of an intermediate-level drum set. However, the STM mount looks quite professional. The large rubber feet of the kick drum and floor tom legs also add to that intermediate look.

Overall, this kit will look great wherever it’s placed, be that a stage, studio or practice room.


The PDP Concept Maple is definitely one of the best drum kit options on the market. It comes with an affordable price tag for beginners and a smooth tone that even pro drummers will appreciate.

The high-quality design, several finish options and durability make these drums a great choice for anyone who’s looking to buy a new kit. The kit that we’ve looked at in this article is just a 5-piece, but PDP offers a 7-piece version of this kit as well that has an extra rack tom and floor tom.

These kits are very popular, clearly for a good reason. You can walk into most music stores and see a PDP Concept Maple kit waiting to be purchased.

This kit will not only be great for traveling and gigging, but will also work superbly well as your home practice kit. The DW-Inspired quality makes it an easy choice to invest in. Just remember that it only comes as a shell pack, meaning you’ll need to buy hardware and cymbals separately.

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