Polk Audio PSW505 Review – No Distortion, No Noise, Just Bass

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Are you looking for a subwoofer that can provide you with a clear, banging bass sound? What if that same woofer can also play beautiful, peaceful melodies with clarity? The Polk Audio PSW505 is a subwoofer that can do just that.

This smart subwoofer can distinguish the tiniest nuances between different sounds and reproduce them accordingly. Since it is easy to connect to smaller speakers, you can create a perfect sound experience in your room. With the PSW505, watching exciting movies, sporting events, or listening to music should be a treat.

Polk Audio PSW505 Overview

This subwoofer’s potential is extreme, considering it works with 460 watts of power. It has perfect noise cancellation system, resulting in pure bass. You will not hear any distortion or turbulence, no matter how high you turn the volume up.

This one is different from many similar products that focus only on heavy sounds and “booms”. With the Polk Audio PSW505, even calm, classical music will have an ethereal feeling.

  • Enhances smaller speakers
  • Powerful and clear bass
  • Prevents noise and cross-interference of sound, maintains clear stereo
  • Accurate adaptation to different sound types
  • Not the most budget-friendly sub

Sound Quality

You may struggle to find better quality on a similar budget. The PSW505 has an efficient design and perfect materials to maximize its performance. The sound quality is clear and realistic, providing a perfect experience no matter the speaker size.

With 460W power and a frequency range of 23-160 Hz, you can listen to music at an extremely high volume. Thanks to its special motor design and longer suspension, you’ll have a top-quality sound even at maximum levels.

The subwoofer will distinguish different sounds. Therefore, the calm, peaceful melodies will sound even clearer than you’re used to, while explosive, aggressive sounds may be heart thumping. Meanwhile, the noise-cancellation will eliminate all turbulence and distortion.

Build Quality

The subwoofer is small enough to fit in your small room, measuring just 16”x15” x18” (HWD). It’s not heavy, so you can move it around from place to place as you see fit.

It is made from sturdy MDF and has a 1” front baffle. The slot-loaded vent will keep the sound intact.

The subwoofer has a magnetic shield so you can place it near your TV or any other similar device. This means that you won’t have to spread cables across your room to keep a distance and prevent interference. Still, even though the magnetism has no effect on LCD and Plasma TVs, you should try and keep some distance between them and the subwoofer.

The legs of the subwoofer box are stable, so it won’t move around your room if the bass is too high. If you’re on a budget but dream of having a home theatre system, this Polk Audio subwoofer is a perfect choice. It is adaptable to the environment and doesn’t require a lot of space.

Integration with Other Systems

The PSW505 can easily connect to other receivers to further enhance the sound quality.

At the front, you can take off the subwoofer’s front grille. At the back, you have a line and speaker-level inputs and outputs. You also have a toggle switch so you can run additional subwoofers.

There’s also a precise volume control at the back so you can merge the subwoofer with any set of speakers. The PSW505 will achieve the best sound quality in tandem with the Polk Audio Series speakers. However, you can blend it with any other brand of speakers for near-perfect sound.

Additional Features

The subwoofer has an automatic circuit that will turn on and off by itself. When there is an existing sound signal, the subwoofer will detect it and turn on automatically. If the signal isn’t available for 15 minutes, it will turn off by itself.

If you have a few smaller speakers, the PSW505 will broaden the sound. So, if you place them correctly in a bigger room, your speakers will have a high sound output regardless of their size.

While watching a TV program or a movie, you will be able to enhance voice channel levels. This means that you can adjust voice volume to be higher than other background sounds, allowing you understand every part of a conversation.

The Bottom Line

The Polk Audio PSW505 subwoofer can achieve a perfect bass sound without any interfering noise and turbulence. With it, you will have a cinema-like experience watching your movies, TV shows, and sporting events. 

Due to its built-in ability to recognize subtleties between sounds, you can also play any musical genre and immerse yourself in individual sounds and instruments. If you want good value for money, this subwoofer is one of the best options around.

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