How to Sell a Guitar for Cash – Great Places for Selling Used Gear

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The beautiful thing about guitars is that they very rarely lose value the longer you keep them. When the time comes to cash in on your beloved axe, it’s important to make sure you get a good deal when selling it.

In this guide to selling your guitar for cash, I’ll provide you with some tips to make sure you get the most money from selling your used guitar. Some great online guitar stores facilitate this.

4 Best Places for Selling Used Guitar’s & Music Gear


Reverb is a great place to sell your used guitar. This online store specializes in listing second-hand music gear, making the process simple and easy. The main selling point of their service is that they have a good reputation among musicians looking for gears.

Whether you want to sell a guitar, keyboard, microphone, drums or any other instrument, facilitates this easily and straightforwardly. It’s pretty much guaranteed that your second-hand guitar will reach a wide number of potential buyers.

Another great thing about Reverb’s service is that there are no listing fees, and you only pay a small seller fee once your guitar gets sold. There are no hidden costs and you get the vast majority of the money your instrument sells for.

There’s also no time limit that your guitar can be listed for sale. It simply stays on the store for as long as it takes to sell. This eliminates the stress of an auction and allows you to simply list it for sale then forget about it until a buyer makes an offer.

Because is purely dedicated to selling used equipment to musicians, you’ll find that the buyers have a good knowledge of the value of your guitar. This isn’t always the case with online selling platforms, but it saves you the back and forth negotiation period.


eBay is a great place to sell your guitar or used music gear, simply because it gets so much traffic and exposes your instrument to so many potential buyers. I’ve personally has some great experiences selling used instruments on this platform.

The advantage of selling on eBay is that they offer an extensive number of listing options. If you’re unsure of the value of your guitar, you can list it with a minimum price and let the buyers get into a bidding war.

The great thing about selling a guitar on eBay is that you can rest assured that the people who are interested in the instrument have searched for it specifically. I know that selling a guitar is a difficult thing to do, especially if you have spent years playing it.

There’s a sentimental value to a guitar that can make it hard to part with. When some musicians just want to get rid of their instruments, they like to know it’s going to a good home. The good thing is when selling on eBay, the majority of people interested in your beloved instrument will put it to good use.


Craigslist is another hugely popular platform for musicians looking to sell their used guitars and gear. With no seller or listing fees, there’s no pressure on your listing. You can simply keep re-listing your guitar until a suitable buyer makes a sufficient offer.

The only downside of Craigslist is that it’s generally more informal than the aforementioned platforms. There’s always the chance that someone will show an interest in your instrument and then disappear when it comes to the final stages of the purchase.

The great thing about Craigslist is that most of the business is done locally. Imagine selling your beloved Martin acoustic to a singer-songwriter, then by chance seeing them playing at an open mic in a bar in your town!

Facebook Marketplace

Similar to Craigslist, the main advantage of selling your guitar for cash on Facebook Marketplace is that the business is usually done locally. You can arrange a pickup time and sell the instrument on your terms.

Facebook also offers a good amount of seller protection, with many regulations in place. All that is required of you is to post a description of the guitar, a few images, and the price you are requesting for it.

Another advantage of selling via this platform is that you can easily share the listing with your friend group. Social media is a great way to share content, so you could post some artistic images of the guitar or even a video of yourself playing it, to encourage musicians to buy.

Preparing Your Guitar to Be Sold – Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

No matter how special your guitar is to you, it’s important that when the time comes to sell it that you prepare it adequately for a new owner. It’s amazing how much difference a little bit of TLC can make to an instrument, adding significant value when done properly.

Using Lemon Juice to Clean Your Guitar

My go-to method for cleaning a guitar is using lemon juice to clean the fretboard. I do this every couple of months to all my guitars. Firstly, it removes any of the dirt that inevitably builds up when your fingers come into contact with the guitar over a long period.

Lemon juice not only makes the fretboard smoother to play, but it gives it a polished look that is more likely to attract customers. If you combine this with some wood polish, it will make the guitar look pristine. Make sure to use a smooth cloth with no rough edges, as you don’t want to harm the neck.

Replacing the Strings

Replacing the strings is an easy way to make the guitar look more attractive. Investing in a good set of strings is well worth it, as it’s likely that you’ll make this money back from the profit that results in the guitar looking fresh and ready to play.

Taking Photos of Your Guitar

When taking photos of the guitar, I would recommend propping it up on a stand against a neutral-colored backdrop. This is especially important if the guitar is vibrant in color, as it will make it stand out and look more appealing to the buyer.

Taking photos of the guitar at multiple angles is also imperative. Think about what you would want to see if you were buying a second-hand guitar. The headstock, the neck, and the body are the most important part, but people often overlook the pickups, inputs, and control knobs.

The small intricacies of a guitar are what makes it special to a buyer. If there’s a slight blemish on the body, don’t hide this fact as it will simply make them more likely to return it.

Imperfections are what give a guitar its character. Show off the marks that make it clear the guitar has been played. After all, older guitars generally sell for much more money, so in showing off the evidence that you’ve used the instrument you may well be increasing the amount of money you will make.

Detailed Description of Your Guitar

The description of the guitar is also a very important aspect when it comes to selling it for cash. Make sure you look into the combination of woods that the manufacturer utilized. If you learn about the reasons that these particular materials were used it can further encourage a certain type of buyer to commit to the purchase.

Share the Story of Your Guitar

Telling a story about the guitar is also a great tactic. If you’ve had a formative experience with this particular guitar, describe it. For example, my first electric guitar was a Squier Telecaster. In my inexperience, I once re-stringed it upside down, and only realized when I went to play a G major chord. I thought originally that the strings must have slipped out of tune, but after around an hour of trying to work out what was wrong, I finally realized that I’d strung it upside down.

Because I didn’t want to waste the new set of strings, I tried to figure out some riffs in this weird mysterious tuning. Although I didn’t come up with anything groundbreaking, it helped me to understand intervals and opened me up to other types of tuning rather than simply sticking with the standard EADGBE.

In my experience, giving a little back-story to the instrument that you’re trying to sell makes other musicians more likely to purchase it. I’m not entirely sure why this is, but I speculate that they find comfort in the fact that it’s been used to produce music and help a fellow artist learn their craft.

Observe the Market

Another important thing to do when selling your guitar for cash is to observe the market and make sure the price you’ve set is indicative of the general market value. An easy way to do this is by looking at the recently sold items on eBay so that you can get a general average and base your asking price on that.


Hopefully, this guide to selling your guitar for cash has given you some useful tips to make sure you get a good price for your instrument. If you follow the advice I’ve given, there’s no reason you why won’t sell it to a good home in no time.

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