Wampler Euphoria Review – Versatile Overdrive with Crunchy Tone

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There are many great overdrive pedals out there that can add some real crunch to your sound. But not all of them retain their clarity the more you push their gain.

So, today I’ll be looking at the Wampler Euphoria, a transparent overdrive pedal that promises a warm, responsive tone, from clean all the way to super-overdriven.

Overview of the Wampler Euphoria

The Wampler Euphoria overdrive pedal is an analog pedal designed and built with high-grade film capacitors and resistors to be highly responsive to pick attack and volume control.

It has a fairly lightweight and compact design, and can powered by a single 9V battery, as well as a 9-18V DC power supply.

The Euphoria also features three types of overdrive: Smooth, Open and Crunch.


  • Three overdrive settings, with great tone control
  • Pairs great with other overdrive and distortion pedals
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Pricey
  • High gain and volume can cause clipping issues.

Tone and Controls

As I mentioned above, the Wampler Euphoria has three overdrive settings: Smooth, Open and Crunch.


The Wampler Euphoria has four controls

  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Bass
  • Gain

On Smooth and Crunch, you’ll want to push the volume a bit more to compensate for the compression.

The bass can help add or remove the fat or ‘hairiness’ of the fuzz on Crunch.

The tone control acts as a standard control for the mids, and gain adjusts the amount of overdrive in the tone.


As the name suggests, the Smooth setting on the pedal provides a smoother, more compressed sound to the overdrive.

This setting is great if you want a cleaner overdrive that leaves room for the notes and chords to have a bit more clarity.


Open can be considered the ‘default’ setting of the pedal. This is just a straight forward overdrive that adds some grit to your tone.

The open setting is great for a crisp blues or classic rock style, and it allows notes and chords to ring out a bit more.

Open can also be used as a clean boost if you want to just add some volume to your clean sound, or to add a more natural sounding amp distortion.


The crunch setting is a bit more compressed than the smooth setting, but it also adds quite a bit of fuzz to the overdrive.

Don’t think of it as a fuzz pedal on this setting, but rather more of a way to fatten up your sound and add a bit of fuzziness to it.

On the crunch setting, you can pair the Euphoria with a traditional fuzz pedal and shape its tone and push your fuzz pedal further using the Euphoria’s controls.

Size and Portability

At only 1.5 x 2.5 x 4.5 inches, the Euphoria is no bigger than any other pedal and can run on a single 9V battery. This means you can easily throw it in a backpack to take it to gigs or band practice.

It uses one 1/4 inch input and one 1/4 inch output.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to use it as a standalone overdrive pedal, or as a companion to boost other pedals on your pedalboard, the Wampler Euphoria won’t let you down.

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